Police raid Bangkok’s Thonglor district, arrest 2 women for drug possession

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Police and Narcotics Control officers conducted a raid in Bangkok’s Thonglor district, arresting two Thai women possessing illegal drugs and detaining tourists for drug testing. During the operation, several persons were found to have ingested methamphetamine and ketamine, with voluntary rehabilitation announced for some of them.

At around 12.30am this morning, police and narcotics control officers led by Pol. Lt. Col. Pansa Amaraphitak conducted an extensive check on entertainment venues in Thonglor. In the operation, two Thai women were arrested for possession of illegal drugs: Netdao, found with 0.36 grammes of ketamine, and Nutcharee, with 1.24 grammes of the substance. Both were charged with possession of Type 2 narcotics (ketamine) without legal permission.

Apart from the arrests, five individuals agreed to undergo drug treatment for amphetamine abuse. These included Rattanawadee, a 24 year old Thai woman, and four foreigners.

The foreigners included a 32 year old South Korean man named Haminhuyuk, a 32 year old South Korean man named Cho, a 33 year old South Korean man named Lee, and a 32 year old Swiss man named Maurer. They all voluntarily admitted themselves to rehabilitation programmes.

Out of the 224 partygoers tested by the officers, 128 men and 96 women, four males and three females tested positive for drugs. Among the 63 employees present, all males tested negative for illegal substances, while all 41 females were drug-free as well. The police secured 0.41 grammes of ketamine from an unclaimed bag on the floor under a table at the scene.

The evidence collected from the scene will be forwarded to Thonglor Police Station for further legal proceedings. The case highlights the ongoing efforts to combat illegal drug usage and distribution in Thailand’s entertainment venues.

Five days ago, Bangkok cops arrested 56 individuals, including 23 Chinese tourists, after raiding a private party at the Diamond KTV Club. The suspects face charges ranging from drug possession to illegal stay and firearm possession.

At the venue, located within the Meria massage shop on New Petchaburi Road, Chinese tourists were illegally provided with after-hours karaoke services, starting from 10pm until morning. The charges filed against them include drug-related offences, unauthorised stay in Thailand, and firearm possession. To read more click here

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