DTAM to cannabis vendors: New Year’s weed parties illegal

PHOTO: Cannabis New Year's parties are not legal, warns the DTAM (via Amazon)

For those who were planning a more mellow New Year’s Eve celebration, lighting up a joint and saying goodbye to 2022, the government has a strong warning for you. The Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM) cautioned cannabis vendors not to take part in or organise New Year’s Eve smoke parties.

The Ministry of Public Health says that their cannabis control rules and restrictions prohibit events centred around the herb and where smoking will occur. The director-general of the DTAM says that members of the public at large have voiced concerns over these drug parties taking place throughout Thailand.

He said that staff is constantly and consistently investigating any complaints they receive and inspecting any venue suspected to be in violation of cannabis regulation laws. Anybody found to be selling cannabis without a proper vendor license will face legal prosecution.

The director-general also says that anyone caught smoking cannabis in a venue will be arrested. They say 12 people have been arrested already by police. They also reminded that even smoking at home for recreational purposes could potentially be illegal, if the smoke disturbs neighbours.

Any vendor planning to sell cannabis must get special permission from the DTAM before selling, and must abide by all the regulations set out by the government. Authorities will inspect suspicious activity to determine if it is in violation of the cannabis distribution rules.

Police vowed to continue inspections of any business selling cannabis to make sure they are legitimate and law-abiding. Other governmental departments will join in the inspections including provincial public health offices and the DTAM itself.

When asked about whether the DTAM will specifically target cannabis venues on New Year’s Eve, the director-general deflected. He spoke about the need for police to watch over all New Year’s festivities and try to reduce the risk of road accidents, drunk driving, and other hazards that come with the partying.

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