Surviving Thailand’s heatwave: foodpanda’s refreshing Songkran promotions and menus to the rescue

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As the mercury soars in Thailand, locals and tourists find unique ways to beat the heat. The recent spike in temperatures, reaching a scorching 45°C for the first time, has set new heat records and pushed the country’s electricity consumption to unprecedented levels.

However, despite the sweltering conditions, experts assure us that Thailand’s current high temperatures don’t quite constitute a heat wave. It’s a crucial distinction that separates the occasional hot day from a sustained period of dangerously high temperatures.

Introduction to Songkran: Thailand’s Water Festival

Songkran Festival in Thailand, typically in mid-April, offers relief from the scorching heat, reaching record highs of 45°C. The festival is not only a cultural celebration but also an economic powerhouse, projected to inject 50,000 to 80,000 million baht into the economy by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

With an estimated 510,000 international visitors and 4.29 million domestic trips, a 49% revenue increase is anticipated compared to the previous year.

Amidst these festivities, food delivery services like foodpanda thrive, providing relief in unbearable temperatures. Launching heat-busting campaigns, foodpanda aids the economy while serving its customers during the hot months with the campaign “10,000 Deals of Summer.”

foodpanda's 10,000 deals of summer
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Weathering Thailand’s heat has never been more rewarding! From the splashing Songkran Festival to the flavoursome local cuisine, April brings a new chapter of sizzling promotions.

Celebrating Songkran with foodpanda: exclusive promotions

In the spirit of Songkran, foodpanda unleashes a cornucopia of exclusive benefits. Specifically crafted to appreciate Thai culinary heritage, these promotions include special deals, discount codes, free deliveries, flash deals, and buy-1-get-1-free offers across all foodpanda services—from food delivery and pick-up at partner eateries to grocery delivery from foodpanda shops—for you throughout these three months, totalling over 10,000 deals.

From April 8th to 21st, feast on popular dishes from participating outlets like KFC, McDonald’s, The Pizza Company, etc. Use the unique “SONGKRAN” discount code and enjoy a 70 THB reduction on orders (limited to 2 redemptions per person). A free delivery promotion is also on every Tuesday—get your cravings delivered free for every order over 90 THB!

From April 25th till May 2nd, your grocery shopping sneaks into the discount zone. Renowned shops such as Tops, Lotus, Big C, and Boots offer 50% off. An additional 20% discount, or up to 150 THB, awaits your minimum purchase of 699 THB while using the “PAYDAY” code on foodpanda shops.

Lastly, make the most of their Hot Sale until April 30th. Delight in food and grocery items beginning from 39 THB at 2-5 PM. foodpanda’s delivery mechanism ensures you savour these deals while indulging in the convenience of food and grocery delivery from home.

Beat the heat: refreshing summer dishes delivered to your door

Images of foodpanda's menus
Image courtesy of foodpanda Thailand

Escaping the scorching heat in Thailand is challenging, specifically in the peak summer months. Fortunately, with the convenience of food delivery services like foodpanda, you can enjoy refreshing summer dishes right at your doorstep. Let’s delve into ten unique, thirst-quenching treats offered by foodpanda:

  1. Cold Noodles: Enjoy chilled soba noodles served with aromatic dipping sauce and various mouthwatering toppings. This dish provides refreshing relief for noodle enthusiasts braving the summer heat.
  2. Khao Chae: Indulge in this traditional Thai dish, featuring chilled rice soaked in jasmine water and an array of condiments. A click on foodpanda makes it a breeze to savour this treat at home.
  3. Salad Wrap: This easily portable dish overflows with fresh organic vegetables. Accompanied by your choice of meat and various dressings, it’s a light and refreshing midday meal option.
  4. Poke Bowl: Top your rice with various ingredients – meat, grains, fruits, and more. Drenched in flavorful sauces, these bowls burst with colour and taste under the summer sun.
  5. Mango Sticky Rice: Sweet, sour, and tropical – this Thai dessert has it all. It’s a divine mix of ripe mangoes and sticky rice drizzled with rich coconut milk.
  6. Acai Bowl: Loaded with fresh fruits, grains, and yogurt, the Acai Bowl provides a gratifying, guilt-free pleasure. It’s ideal for health-conscious individuals aiming to beat the heat.
  7. Tao Theung: This cold dessert, brimming with beans, barley, and assorted toppings in longan juice, emerges as a favourite among many.
  8. Thai Tea with Grass Jelly: An ultimate sweet refreshment. Combining rich Thai tea and chewy grass jelly, the unique texture refreshes you past midday.
  9. Marian Plum in Syrup: This dessert transforms the beloved summer sweet and sour fruit into a refreshing treat. It is served in syrup and topped with ice.
  10. Watermelon Smoothie: High in vitamin C, it’s an excellent choice to rejuvenate your body in the sweltering heat with its sweet and juicy flavour.

How to make the most of foodpanda’s Songkran specials

Overall, foodpanda’s Songkran Promotions under the “10,000 Deals of Summer” campaign is like a dream come true for foodies and summer lovers, offering convenient food delivery services with various deals and discounts. So, make sure to get the most out of this campaign by using the discount codes above in the article, and try out the summer menus picked by foodpanda!

To stay updated with foodpanda’s ongoing deals and seasonal menu, follow foodpanda Thailand on Facebook and Instagram. Stay cool and connected with foodpanda Thailand!


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