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Whether you’re considering to obtain a Thai visa for yourself or for the visit of a Thai friend to your country, seeking precise and trustworthy information is essential. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by an ocean of information, unsure of where to look or whom to trust.

In this article, we will provide you with valuable advices and insights to navigate the visa application process effectively. Our goal is to offer you reliable and up-to-date resources, giving you the confidence to pursue your projects. Focus on your trip and let us handle the administrative hassle!

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Visa for Thai citizens – Requirements of the Embassies

The first crucial step in the visa application process is the meticulous analysis of your case regarding the Embassy’s criteria no matter what your destination is! Whether it’s the Schengen area, Canada, UK, USA, Australia or other destinations!

This mandatory step allows us to assess your situation and to give you our experienced point of view regarding its feasibility or not. Understanding the requirements and expectations of the embassy is the key to ensure that your visa will be accepted. Our goal is to maximize your chances of success.

Financial Aspect:

The first criterion to consider when analyzing a visa application is the financial aspect. Consular authorities give great importance on this aspect. They want to ensure that applicants have adequate financial resources to cover travel and living expenses during their stay.

To assess the financial strength of an application, it is crucial to provide tangible evidence of sufficient and stable resources to cover planned expenses. This may include 3 to 6 months bank statements, support or formal obligation letters, income tax, other sources of income, as well as evidence of accommodation covering the entire duration of the stay.

Proofs of Return to Thailand:

Another essential criterion in the analysis of a visa application is the guarantee of the applicant’s return to their country of origin. Applicants must prove to the embassies that they have strong ties to their country of residence that would oblige them to return right after the authorized travel period.

To meet this requirement, it is crucial to provide proofs demonstrating the applicant’s connections to their country of origin. This may include documents such as employment letters confirming stable employment and regular income, evidence of property ownership or rental agreements, family ties, parental responsibilities, community commitments, or any other evidence of strong connection to the country.

This is the main cause of visa refusal and it is extremely important to prove the return to Thailand.

Consistency of the Relationship:

The last examined criterion when evaluating a visa application is the consistency of the relationship between the applicant and the foreign sponsor. Consular authorities are particularly keen to know the nature of your relationship, to determine if it is a strong, legitimate, and well-established one.

To meet this requirement, it is important to provide substantial evidence of the relationship between the applicant and the host country, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. This may include documents such as invitation letters from friends, family members, or business associates in the host country, prepaid travel bookings or detailed itineraries, as well as evidence of previous communications or physical meetings.

Having met each other in real life before is mandatory to obtain the visa.

Visa Agency Thailand
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Can Decline Your Request?

By contacting you take the risk that we may decline to assist you if we think your application lacks solidity.

Our mission is to obtain your visa and establish a climate of trust. We won’t accept a case without having high chances of obtaining the visa. We understand the importance of this process for you and your Thai friend, which is why we are committed to provide quality customer service and maximizing your chances of success.

By working with our experienced team, you can be certain that we will do everything possible to achieve the desired outcome within the embassy’s requirements. Trust us to accompany you at every stage of your visa application and turn your travel project into a reality.

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  • Reliable Customer Service

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