Regents International School Pattaya students reach peak of Mt Kilimanjaro

It was a moment of joy, pride, and accomplishment for the Kili ’23 Expedition Team as they reached the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro on March 1st, 2023. After six days of arduous hiking and scrambling, the team of eleven students from Regents International School Pattaya and their leader, Mr Fabia, successfully made it to the top of the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

Mt Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world, located in Tanzania. It stands at an impressive 5,895 meters high and is a popular destination for hikers and climbers from around the world. Home to five distinct ecological zones, ranging from lush rainforest to barren desert, and a variety of wildlife, it is also a source of pride for the local people and is a symbol of strength and resilience.

At 7:04am, the team arrived at the peak of Uhuru at 5980m, marking a momentous achievement for the entire team. The 8hr push through the night was worth it, as the team was able to make it to the summit without any casualties.

The Kili ’23 Expedition Team was led by Stephen Fabia, head of Year 9 in Regent International School Pattaya and a Science Teacher. He was thrilled to have all eleven of his students reach the summit, noting that it is an experience that will live with them forever.

Regents International School Pattaya’s students’ success is a testament to what is possible when people work together and strive to achieve a common goal. The team’s accomplishment will be remembered for years to come, and serves as an inspiration to all who seek to challenge themselves and push their limits.

About Regents International School Pattaya

Regents International School Pattaya is a day and boarding school well-known for its excellence in academics and holistic education. The school prides itself on thinking beyond traditional education to transform learning. It has been at the forefront of education by launching a wide range of initiatives for its students, which have produced exceptional educational outcomes and university placements.

As part of Nord Anglia Education, Regents offers their students exclusive collaborations with the Juilliard School of Performing Arts, MIT, UNICEF, and their Gap Programme. Moreover, the school is a member of Round Square. This means that in addition to academic rigour, the school also help students to build a sense of adventure and compassion to make the world a better place.

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