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For many years, St. Andrews International School, Green Valley’s students who did not speak English as their first language have typically participated in English as an Additional Language (EAL) programmes to build proficiency. However, the school has recently introduced a new learning option called Learning English with Accelerated Progress (LEAP). This innovative, one-year-only* programme aims to help students rapidly improve their English skills through immersive learning experiences and targeted instruction.

Learning English while embracing a holistic educational experience

Learning English with Accelerated Progress (LEAP) at St. Andrews International School, Green Valley is a specialised one-year* English support programme that is available for students in Year 5 and above. It’s designed to fast-track students’ language acquisition. Unlike traditional EAL support that can drag on for years, LEAP is designed to expedite the language acquisition process, saving both time and money.

One of the best things about LEAP is that it goes beyond just teaching English. It offers a comprehensive Green Valley education where students can thrive in various aspects. In addition to language learning, students have opportunities to engage with peers in different subjects, such as PE, Music, Art, and more. By immersing themselves in the school community, students receive academic, social, and emotional support while honing their English skills to smoothly transition into mainstream curriculums like Maths, Science, Literature, and Humanities.

But outside of the classroom, students enrolled in this programme also have diverse opportunities to apply their English skills in real-life contexts. They can engage in various co-curricular activities, school trips, drama performances, and music concerts where they can effectively apply what they have learned. This learning approach helps them deepen their understanding of the language and become more fluent speakers. Moreover, participating in these activities fosters creativity by encouraging students to express themselves artistically in English. It also hones their critical thinking abilities and communication skills by providing opportunities to interact with others using the language.

Alignment with St. Andrews International School, Green Valley’s curriculums

The LEAP programme is a dynamic inquiry-based learning approach that aligns with both the IB curriculum and the mainstream curriculums at St Andrew’s Green Valley. By following internationally recognised educational standards, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for success in any corner of the world. In addition to IB subjects, dedicated specialist teachers deliver courses in Mathematics, Science, Literature, and Humanities within the programme.

Personalised learning for accelerated progress

One of the hallmark features of LEAP at St. Andrews International School, Green Valley is personalised learning. With small class sizes of no more than 20 students per class, teachers know each student personally to provide individualised attention and support. This tailored approach extends to English language instruction, where students receive continuous assistance in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

LEAP teachers work closely with mainstream subject instructors to seamlessly integrate academic English knowledge into the full curriculum. By addressing specific learning needs and offering targeted support, students are able to make accelerated progress in their language development. This holistic approach ensures that every student receives the necessary tools and guidance to excel in their English language proficiency.

Assessments to ensure the programme is the right fit

St. Andrews International School, Green Valley understands the importance of meeting your child exactly where they are in their English language journey. That’s why the school designed the LEAP programme to meet students at their current level and take their proficiency to the next stage. They ensure that each student stays up-to-date in subjects like Maths, Science, Literature, and Humanities by providing personalised objectives tailored to their specific language abilities and requirements.

So how do they make sure that the programme is the right fit for each student? The first step involves an entry criteria assessment during the admissions process to determine a student’s readiness for the programme. During admissions, students will need to complete an online Cognitive Ability test and a short interview to ascertain their current level of English. During the programme, students undergo formative and summative assessments, including Cambridge Language assessments, to monitor their progress accurately. These evaluations ensure that students are continually improving their English language skills while staying on track with core subjects.

Collaboration with teachers and parents

The collaboration of teachers and parents is vital for student success. Therefore, St. Andrews International School, Green Valley implemented the Parents as Partners ethos in their LEAP programme. This means that teachers and parents work closely together to support each child’s learning progress. The school encourages parents to be actively involved in their child’s education, providing valuable insights and feedback to teachers.

By offering immersive experiences, personalised learning, and holistic support, the LEAP programme at St. Andrews International School not only accelerates language acquisition but also provides a well-rounded education for students. With its alignment with the school’s curriculums, rigorous assessments, and emphasis on parental collaboration, LEAP sets a new standard for empowering students to excel in English proficiency and beyond.

For more information about the LEAP Programme, visit St. Andrews International School, Green Valley’s website.

*Based upon successful completion of the programme assessments


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