What are the nicest beaches close to Bangkok?

PHOTO: Hua Hin by sharonang via Pixabay

When you’re planning for a quick getaway from bustling Bangkok, it primarily boils down to one question – which sun-kissed beach is the best? Being an urban dweller in the capital, you might be looking for an awesome beach retreat that’s not too far off. And let us help you out! If you want to feel the sun on your face, powdery sand between your toes, and salt air filling your lungs, here are the best beaches near Bangkok.

Koh Kood

beach near Bangkok - Koh Kood
PHOTO: Koh Kood by Vyacheslav Argenberg via Wikimedia Commons

Situated about 4.5 hours from Bangkok, lies an unspoiled island: Koh Kood. Despite its beauty and proximity to Bangkok, it remains relatively unknown among international tourists. As a result, there’s still very little urban development here and you can expect a tranquil, relaxed setting free from the usual beach crowds. The white sandy beaches are pristine and the tropical jungles are untouched. Plus, it’s not a typical island for nightclubs or party scenes, making it the perfect destination for those who need a calm and peaceful escape.

The most developed portion of the island, Klong Chao Beach, has a handful of shops, restaurants and even luxury resorts. Thus, it offers some of the island’s most comfortable accommodation options. You also have the opportunity to stay in bungalows situated right on the sand. However, if you want to enjoy a more stripped-back beach experience with cheaper accommodations, Bang Bao Beach and Klong Hin Beach are the best places to go. Both beaches offer breathtaking views and turquoise waters.

If you’re looking to relax in ultimate seclusion, be sure to visit Ao Noi Beach during your visit to Koh Kood. This beach is only accessible by kayak, so you have a chance to experience pure solitude and privacy. But if you don’t really want to kayak, Ao Tapao is also a great beach to go to. It’s the longest beach on the island and has several unmanaged sandy areas, perfect for those seeking peace and quiet. Aside from the beaches, Koh Kood also provides adventurous opportunities like forest and waterfall exploration.

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Hua Hin

PHOTO: Hua Hin by asiabert via Pixabay - beach near Bangkok
PHOTO: Hua Hin by asiabert via Pixabay

Accessible via train, bus, and car from Bangkok, it’s easy to see why Hua Hin is one of the most popular beach destinations in the country. The area has grown over the years from a tranquil resort town to a bustling seaside escape. Still, it retains its local town atmosphere. You can find various accommodation options here, ranging from modest lodging to elaborate luxury resorts.

The beach town is located along the ‘Thai Riviera’, an extended 300-kilometre coast that begins from Phetchaburi and extends until Chumphon. Its main beach is conveniently close to the town centre, stretching just over four kilometres. The environment of Hua Hin Beach is accommodating for a variety of activities. If you’re seeking relaxation, you’ll find plenty of sun loungers periodically placed along the beach for visitors to unwind. For those inclined towards more vigorous activities, water sports, ranging from boat rentals to windsurfing, are readily available.

Just south of the main beach, you will find the Khao Takiab temple, known for its iconic golden Buddha statue positioned against a rocky cliff background. Next to the temple is Suan Son Beach, which offers a more secluded setting. Surrounded by pine trees, the beach is great if you’re looking for solitude and a departure from the typical beach atmosphere.

Hua Hin is also popular among golf enthusiasts since it’s home to some of Thailand’s best golf courses.

Koh Samet

What are the nicest beaches close to Bangkok? | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Koh Samet by Alice via Unsplash

Koh Samet is one of the nearest tropical islands to Bangkok as it sits around 220 kilometres from the capital. Considering regular traffic conditions, you can reach it in around 3 to 5 hours by car from Bangkok and ferry ride from Ban Phe Pier. A speedboat is also an option if you want to get there faster.

Since the island is partly protected as a national park, it offers a somewhat different experience than other beaches near Bangkok. Although it’s no longer a sleepy island and lots of developments are ongoing, the natural environment here is still preserved. Thus, ensuring cleaner water and less pollution. There are also restrictions on noise levels and pollution in the island’s protected areas, providing a more serene environment for visitors.

Koh Samet’s largest and most popular beach among locals is Sai Kaew, also known as Diamond Beach. This kilometre-long stretch provides a vibrant atmosphere with jet skis, live music, and plenty of boats. Ao Pakarang and Ao Phrao are also great areas to visit. They’re known for their upscale resorts, but also have soft sand stretches and shady rocky areas. However, if you prefer to stay away from the crowd, places like Laem Yai and Ao Lukyon are relatively peaceful.


What are the nicest beaches close to Bangkok? | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Pran Buri via tourismthailand.org

If you’re looking for a quieter version of Hua Hin, Pranburi is the place for you. Located approximately 30 kilometres south of Hua Hin, it provides a peaceful escape from the crowds of tourists often found in some of the more frequented Thai beach towns.

Pranburi is best known as the gateway to Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, an area encompassing wetlands and dense mangroves amid impressive limestone peaks. However, the turquoise waters and serene beaches of Pranburi are increasingly becoming attractive to visitors as well. The Pak Naam Pran beachfront promenade, in particular, is gaining recognition for its stunning beaches. It boasts sandy shores and clean waters, which are suitable for swimming. The area is also gaining a reputation as a destination for kiteboarding. Thus, it offers an adventurous water sports alternative.

Although Pranburi is rising in popularity, it remains largely composed. It maintains its quiet charm and nature-centric appeal. Moreover, the town seems to favour canoes and kayaks over the loud jet skis and speedboats frequently used in other beach towns, adding to its tranquil atmosphere.

Koh Chang

What are the nicest beaches close to Bangkok? | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Kai Bae View Point, Ko Chang by Ragnar Vorel via Unsplash

Nicknamed Elephant Island, Koh Chang places an enclave of pure beach ecstasy just 300 kilometres from Bangkok. Yes, a leisurely bus ride, a 45-minute ferry crossing, and a short transfer are all that stands between you and a tropical wonderland cradled in lush rainforests, gushing with waterfalls, and bordered with eye-wateringly beautiful beaches.

Swathed in the protective arms of the Mu Ko Chang National Park, Koh Chang has spiked from a hidden backpacker haunt to a hotbed of beach holiday glamour. Today, there’s a seaside resort to suit every style, from backpacker pockets to luxury seekers, making it just right for families and sun-hungry travellers alike.

White Sand Beach is among the most visited on the island due to its strategic location offering numerous amenities. The beach presents numerous dining options, boat renting services, and proximity to significant institutions, making it the most developed in the area. Additionally, White Sand Beach’s location allows for convenient travelling to other beach locations on the island. Klong Prao Beach, for example, is the island’s largest beach and is situated near the prominent Klong Plu waterfall. This beach offers a more tranquil environment with its stretches of soft white sand and palm trees.

From the serene allure of Pranburi to the lively verve of Hua Hin, these beach destinations are perfect for those seeking a quick breather from the fast-paced life of Bangkok. Do you have a beloved sandy shore we missed off the list? Do let us know what your favourite beach destinations near Bangkok are!


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