Top 7 outdoor dining experiences in Bangkok

Photo courtesy of The Gardens of Dinsor Palace (Facebook)

In search of an idyllic dining spot in Bangkok that embraces the great outdoors? We have handpicked an array of 7 charming open-air eateries in Bangkok that invite you to revel in nature’s embrace while savouring your meal, free from artificial cooling. Each venue promises a serene dining affair that will please your palate as well as soothe your soul.

Top 7 outdoor restaurants in Bangkok

In Love Bar & Restaurant

Set against the backdrop of the Rama 8 Bridge, In Love Bar & Restaurant captivates with its peaceful riverside location. Its easy parking, sumptuous seafood, and tranquil vibe provide all the right ingredients for a delightful family gathering.

The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

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This trendy eaterie located in Sukhumvit is The Gardens of Dinsor Palace, where garden inspiration meets dining sophistication. Choose between cafe, indoor, or poolside seating in the outdoor space to enjoy a serene view complemented by a gentle breeze.

Savoey Restaurant Tha Maharaj

With an illustrious 47 years of serving customers, Savoey Restaurant Tha Maharaj is a family restaurant famed for its history. Visit the Tha Maharaj branch for immersive riverside dining featuring exquisite meals within a peaceful environment.

Ban Nam Khiang Din

Explore the Western farm-style charm of Ban Nam Khiang Din, where a rich array of plants and animals set the stage for a truly international outdoor experience. Savour the flavours of their kitchen while surrounded by a bouquet of natural beauty.

Khin Lom Chom Saphan

Khin Lom Chom Saphan is your ticket to a riverside feast with a remarkable view, especially renowned for its seafood offerings. Evening visits are complemented by the dramatic lights of the Rama 8 Bridge, amplifying the dining pleasure.

Supanniga Eating Room

For an extraordinary Thai culinary adventure alongside a magical view of Wat Arun, Supanniga Eating Room is the spot to dine. Combined with the evening ambience and an array of Thai specialities, this restaurant stands out as a must-visit.

Baik Baik Restaurant

Experience the tranquil presence of nature at Baik Baik Restaurant amid soothing greenery. With options for live music or a fun karaoke session with friends, this venue offers warm hospitality and a plethora of savoury dishes for an enchanting visit.

Prepare to indulge in these open-air dining destinations in Bangkok, where you can expect a harmonious blend of sensory delights and a tranquil break from urban life. Bon appétit! Explore our guide on the best cafes in Ari.

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