Whimsical love havens: Unforgettable love hotels near Bangkok

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If you are feeling lonely after a long night (especially on the holidays), your house or flat might not be the best place to find other people with whom to socialise and pass the time. But, do you want to be loved? The following list provides five love hotels, that are open 24 hours, near Bangkok and the surrounding area which you might find suitable for you…

What are love hotels? Love hotels are short-term accommodations that are common in Japan and other nations. They offer romantic or intimate accommodations, confidentiality, and facilities for being alone and intimate. Couples could rent out a private space by the hour or overnight.

5 Love Hotels near Bangkok

Banana State Fashion

Banana State Fashion is a love hotel with an inkling of the benefits of eating bananas to avoid many diseases. Your enjoyment can begin with an affordable fee. However, the level of enjoyment for customers could be raised by providing a wide variety of settings, either indoors or outdoors, such as a spa and a love boat, with the goal of providing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Banana State Fashion, Love hotel
Photo courtesy of Banana State Fashion (Website)

Location: 55/1 M.6 Kanchanaphisake Rd. Bang Kruai, Nontaburi 11130

Open: Daily 24 hours

Palm City Hotel

Palm city hotel, a love hotel specifically for anybody who is in love with Japanese style or even Japanese garden scenarios, would deliver their guests to many green tree decorations with sakura florence. Sometimes typical items may not be fascinating for individuals. On top of that, there are an abundance of additional rooms to choose from, including one that comes with a sizable jacuzzi.

Palm City Hotel, Love Hotel
Photo courtesy of Palm City Hotel (Facebook)

Location: Rachaphruek road, Pak kret, Nonthaburi 11120

Open: Daily 24 hours

Pichaya City

Whenever you want to see neon lights, which is one of the most popular forms of light that people use, you should go to Pichaya City at least once with the person that you are dating. Not only are there rooms packed with neon light, they are also able to provide you with a boxing ring so that you may try something different and exciting.

Pichaya City, Love Hotel
Photo courtesy of Pichaya City (Facebook)

Location: 51 5 Kheha Romklao Rd. Saphan Song district, Bangkok 10240 (Near Big C Kheha Romklao)

Open: Daily 24 hours

Jasmine Inn and Fantasy Resort

After you come into your power of love, can you even begin to imagine how much fun it would be to watch some of your all-time favourite films or cartoons at the same time? There are over 20 different kinds of fantasy rooms, all of which are directly connected to the name of the hotel, which is Jasmin Inn and Fantasy Resort. Some examples of these rooms are the Taj Mahal, the Pharaoh, the Ocean World, the Underground Caves, and many more.

Jasmin Inn and Fantasy Resort, Love Hotel
Photo courtesy of Jasmine Inn and Fantasy Resort (Website)

Location: 8/1-2 M.5 Mueang district, Nakornpatom 73000

Open: Daily 24 hours

My Lady Fashion Hotel

You could gain new sensations of a love voyage as if you were in that country, such as Tokyo, Bali, Beijing, and much more than your imagination can come up with if you stay at My Lady Fashion Hotel. This hotel could transport you to the major cities of other countries. Even if you do not have a soft spot in your heart for animals, there is a room with a bed designed to look like a tongue taken from the whale.

My Lady Fashion Hotel, Love Hotel
Photo courtesy of My Lady Fashion Hotel (Website)

Location: Soi Mahatthai 1 Lad Prao 122 Rd., Bangkok 10310

Time: Daily 24 hours

Embark on a journey of passion and creativity at these distinctive love hotels near Bangkok.

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