What you need to know before getting eyelid surgery in Thailand

PHOTO: Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw

Are you thinking about getting eyelid surgery in Thailand? But are you also scratching your head, unsure if you’ve got the facts straight? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to melt away the confusion and serve up the essential facts straight from the experts, specifically the esteemed Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw.

What is the Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic?

Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw
PHOTO: Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw

Before we continue, let us introduce you to the Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic. With clear hindsight dating back to 2012, the Lovely Eye Clinic is your passport to reliable eyelid surgery. Dr. Natthamanee Siriphakaphan, affectionately known as Dr. Roungkaw, has pioneered techniques learned from Korea in Thailand, including the now prevalent double eyelid surgery. With the clinic’s popularity skyrocketing in the beauty domain and over 30,000 successful surgeries to its name, Dr Roungkaw’s technique tells a tale of perfection and beauty transformation.

Dr Roungkaw blends Korean techniques with Thai artistry

Having trained as an ophthalmologist, Dr Roungkaw saw the potential in the budding field of double eyelid surgery, further intensifying her passion for ophthalmology. She studied the technique from South Korea before introducing it to Thailand, leading to a breakthrough in the beauty industry. Today, all procedures are carried out by her or a team of specialists she meticulously trains – Lovely Specialists.

Storytelling beyond the professional skills, Dr Roaungkaw’s empathetic approach is rooted in her past struggles with self-esteem, which stemmed from being self-conscious about her single eyelids. Having personally experienced the transformation double eyelid surgery can bring, Dr Roungkaw now brings the same level of confidence improvement to thousands using her specialisation.

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Tailored treatments for each patient

Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw
PHOTO: Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw

Whether you’re in Thailand or travelling from overseas, the clinic offers various procedures depending on individual needs, such as Lovely Blepharoplasty Signature, Lovely No Stitch, Ptosis Surgery, Inner and Outer Corner Eye Extensions, Double Eyelid Revision, Sub Brow Lift, Fat Graft, and Lower Blepharoplasty.

High client satisfaction

The secret behind the success of these procedures and the high satisfaction of clients lies in Dr Roungkaw’s trained precision, attention to detail, and comprehensive postoperative care. This includes the monthly assessment of Lovely Specialists by Dr Ruangkaw herself.

In the era where results speak louder than words, the testimonials and reviews from her 30,000 procedures, including medical professionals, have become a trust-building platform for potential patients. The authentic transformation stories of improved self-confidence and enhanced facial aesthetics are a testament to Dr Ruangkaw’s unmatched expertise.

No journey to exuding confidence through beauty transformation is complete without a support system. That’s where Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic’s attentively trained staff comes in, offering patient care every step of the way, from pre to post-surgery.

10 things you need to know before getting eyelid surgery in Thailand

Skilled, experienced surgeons and first-rate medical services all come at pocket-friendly prices in the Land of Smiles. However, if you’re planning this transformative journey, there are a few things you may want to know before you pack your bags.

1. Thailand is the leader in Asia and a major player globally

You might be surprised to discover that Thailand isn’t just the ideal spot for your next beach vacation—it’s also a world leader in health. According to the 2021 Global Health Security Index, an evaluation carried out by the John Hopkins Centre for Health Security (at Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School), plus several experts from around the world, Thailand stands at the very top in Asia. Moreover, the country secured an impressive fifth position globally.

But what does this mean for you, especially if you’re mulling over getting eyelid surgery?

This achievement opens up a world of opportunities. These high rankings translate to numerous medical facilities offering top-notch healthcare services. In the beauty and aesthetic area, you’ll find countless institutions providing high-quality eyelid surgery. These surgeries are conducted by skilled and experienced professionals who have honed their craft over several years, ensuring you get not just satisfactory but outstanding results.

2. Ease of travel

Here’s some good news if you were dreading red tape and visa hassles. 64 countries have an easy pass into Thailand, thanks to visa-free arrangements. This means that you won’t have to fret over extensive visa procedures before your journey to a beautiful new you—sounds like a win-win!

Worried that your country isn’t on the list? Don’t be alarmed. Applying for a visa to Thailand is generally a simple process. So, in the end, whether you’re from a visa-exempt country or not, travelling to Thailand for medical treatment should be relatively hassle-free.

3. Explore and heal

Before and after pictures at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw
PHOTO: Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw

While your body heals, let your spirit join the journey! Thailand is rife with breathtaking travel destinations, including historical sites, tranquil waterfalls, stunningly beautiful beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, and unexplored forests. Why not schedule some sightseeing while you’re rejuvenating post-surgery?

However, remember, although it might feel like a holiday, sunbathing on those plush beaches and throwing yourself into exploring historical sites should only be done with your doctor’s green light. After all, your health comes first. It’s about balancing the healing process with gentle exploration—turning your recovery into a delightful, therapeutic retreat.

4. High-quality care at affordable rates

Now, this might come as a delightful surprise to many. However, Thailand truly shines when it comes to giving patients real value for their money. The cost of medical treatments, including eyelid surgery, in Thailand, is significantly lower when compared to the US and Australia.

The difference isn’t minor either – it’s substantial, with rates often turning out to be three to five times less! With such affordability, you get to enjoy significant savings which can be utilised elsewhere, like enhancing your travel experience in the country.

But don’t let these attractive costs lead you to doubt the quality of healthcare services offered. Despite being light on your wallet, the medical care in Thailand is of premium quality. As explained before, the doctors are highly skilled, the hospitals are state-of-the-art, and the medical teams are international-standard. So yes, lower prices don’t equate to lower standards. That’s the Thai healthcare marvel for you!

5. Skillfully served with a smile

In Thailand, customer service is more than a job description—it’s a way of life. Thailand takes great pride in its services, particularly in the health sector. When it comes to patient care, it’s not just about medical treatment. The Thai medical staff go above and beyond to ensure that patients feel well-cared for and comfortable, and it all starts with a warm, friendly smile.

Thai hospitality is famous worldwide, and this trait extends to medical services as well. When you choose to have your eyelid surgery in Thailand, expect not just expert medical care but also heartfelt service that aims to put you at ease and make your experience as pleasant as possible. The Thai professionals truly have the healing touch—and they offer it with a smile.

6. Eyelid surgery done by experienced doctors

If you’re thinking about eyelid surgery in Thailand, one name to reckon with is Doctor Ruangkaw. A trailblazer in the field, she has not only significantly contributed to the rise of beauty-oriented eyelid surgeries performed by oculists but also introduced the advanced skin flap eyelid surgery technique to the Thai industry.

Doctor Ruangkaw, with her extensive experience in double eyelid surgery, has an impressive track record — she has successfully completed around 30,000 procedures. It’s not just about the numbers but the diligence and precision she shows in each case.

7. Unique techniques and expert teams

Maintaining the highest standards of care at the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic isn’t just down to the advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities on offer. It’s also a reflection of the unique skills and dogged dedication of the team. Doctor Ruangkaw, being at the forefront, ensures her wealth of knowledge and expertise is not hoarded but systematically imparted to the entire team, aptly named the Lovely Specialist.

Doctor Ruangkaw takes meticulous steps in maintaining these standards by reviewing each surgery’s results, ensuring that every patient receives excellent care and meaningful interaction throughout their journey. Her vigilance extends to a monthly appraisal of each doctor, contributing to the consistent and stable outcomes of their surgeries.

But the care doesn’t stop after the surgery. At Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, patient well-being is given utmost attention through diligent check-ups and evaluations carried out after every procedure to ensure recovery is on track and up to the clinic’s high standards.

Beyond surgery care, the clinic prides itself on providing skincare courses attended by top-notch medical practitioners. Equipped with internationally certified technology and trusted by many renowned celebrities, these experts will provide comprehensive skincare solutions to enhance and maintain your natural beauty.

8. Extraordinary sterile units

Even before you step into the operating room, the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic has prioritised your well-being and safety. The clinic’s standout feature, the “Lovely Surgical Instrument Sterile Unit,” is a pillar of this commitment. This unit plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe, sterile environment for every procedure carried out.

With standards matching those in a hospital, this unit is well-equipped with state-of-the-art sterilisation technology. This includes an AUTOCLAVE certified by ISO 13485:2016. This ensures every instrument used in your treatment is impeccably cleaned, maintaining uncompromising safety and hygiene.

At the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, patient safety is placed at the heart of their operation. So, while you’re waking up to the promise of new and improved eyelids, rest assured that you’re in one of the safest, most sterile environments possible.

9. Designed for international clients

Getting eyelid surgery abroad can raise certain apprehensions. At Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, you can let those worries be a thing of the past. This clinic is proficient in accommodating the specific needs and preferences of its global clientele.

At Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic, the medical professionals understand that every patient is unique, particularly when they hail from diverse cultural backgrounds. They appreciate that each patient may have different visual aesthetics and expectations from their eyelid surgery.

Centring around this understanding, they customise their surgical plans to align with your requirements and desired outcomes. Whether it’s adjusting techniques to cater to specific ethnic eyelid structures, incorporating your aesthetic preferences, or offering postoperative care instructions in a language you’re comfortable with — they ensure a treatment experience that’s just as unique as you are.

10. Beyond eyelid surgery

Beyond eyelid surgery at Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw
PHOTO: Lovely Eye and Skin Clinic by Dr. Roungkaw

Thailand’s Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic believes in offering its clients a full suite of beauty services beyond just eyelid surgery. With a host of beauty programmes on their menu, they provide the opportunity for a comprehensive beauty makeover.

The clinic prides itself on its experienced in-house doctors who lead tailor-made skincare regimens meticulously designed to optimise results and overall patient satisfaction. Positioned as a one-stop shop for beauty enhancement, they provide top-of-the-line skincare matched with unparalleled service quality.

Keeping up with the high standards, the Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic also offers a private VIP service across its beauty programmes. With attention given to every minute detail, patients at the clinic experience an individualised and premium healthcare journey.

So, eyelid surgery in Thailand? It’s not just a procedure—it’s an adventure dipped in luxury and speckled with elements of travel, exploration, and immersive experiences.

These are the broad strokes of what eyelid surgery in Thailand entails. But remember, discussion with your medical professional can never be too extensive. With over 30,000 procedures done, experts at Dr Roungkaw’s clinic stand ready to guide you in making the most of your surgery in Thailand.

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Lovely Eye & Skin Clinic – 18 PARKLANE Ekkamai, 2nd Floor, Sukhumvit 63 Road, Klong Tan Nuea Wattana, Bangkok

Call Center: 0614050044, 023820045 (Daily, 08:00-20:00)
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