Thailand’s job market – popular job sectors

by Cita Catellya

A new report on the most popular job in Thailand shows how the country’s job market is evolving. In this digital age, it may come as no surprise that IT roles are now one of the most popular job areas. Everyone is moving to a digital outlet, and companies continue to implement technology in the workplace to be able to compete. As a result, there is a spike in demand for highly-skilled tech workers in 2019.

However, the most sought-after jobs in Thailand are a mix of tech and non-tech. Sales jobs are one of the non-tech jobs that have made the list. In fact, sales jobs are ranked as the most popular job area in the country.

The Top 5 most popular jobs in Thailand include:

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1. Sales
2. Engineering
3. IT
4. Accounting
5. Administrative

“We work with all companies from big recruiters to small businesses across Thailand, and yet 70% of the available positions we get are from those five industries. Sales positions in Thailand is by far the most common and occupies 20% of our job base,” said Sapir Matmon of JobCute, a Thailand job portal that allows candidates to find the right job by using the site’s matching jobs and search engine system.

She also says there are many enthusiastic candidates that will be happy to work in the sales industry. On the other hand, employers are struggling to fill IT position as there are not as many applicants. Sapir explains:

“57% of all applications we get are for those five leading industries, while there are more applications than jobs in the sales industry, the IT industry is suffering from a lack of applications. To all the job seekers who are looking for a new career path, I would recommend looking at this industry.”

Whether you are thinking about a career change or have recently graduated, it is only natural to consider one of these popular jobs, especially the ones that are in demand such as IT roles. We asked Sapir how workers can take advantage of these in demand growth areas:

“Taking into consideration all types/levels of jobs, most employers prefer talent and experience over education. 62% of all our job positions do not require any level of education. 13% of all our job positions require high school education, 21% requires a Degree level of education and only 4% is looking for the highest level of education (Master/Doctorate). Knowledge and skills can be gained through short courses and experience, the job market in Thailand is developing and we get a clear picture of this through the job vacancies that are been listed with us.”

Although you may not have the right education for roles, as long as you are eager to learn, able to continuously adapt, and have a positive attitude, you will be successful in today’s ever-changing job market. Experience and skills are more essential than education and to gain certain skills, you can take specialised training.

Furthermore, according to Paul Trayman, co-founder of Faz Waz, having the right attitude and personality are also important. He explains:

“After so many years in recruitment, screening, interviewing and hiring 100’s of people, I came to realise that sometimes not listening to our gut and hiring quickly out of need versus finding the right person and fit can cost us in time and money. Today, we are looking for driven and ambitious employees, with good enthusiasm and some kind of passion. Experience and skills get you in the door; attitude and personality will get you the job.”

As much as you think your education and job history is vital to get hired, a positive attitude may be the most important factor. While previous work experience and skills may qualify you for specific job roles, employers are always seeking driven and optimistic candidates. A positive attitude contributes to your success since it translates to better performance. It can also build leadership skills, which is the skill required in most jobs.

Depending on your interests, there are many areas that you can work in if you have the right skills and attitude. You do not even have to pick one of these popular roles exactly if none of them interest you. You can find other areas of IT, engineering, or sales that are more suitable to you and that are still linked to the overall industry growth. For example, if your skills and experience are in recruiting, you can help hire professionals for those in-demand jobs.

Finally, after you decide which career path you want to pursue, start your job search immediately on the Jobcute website (in Thai and English)

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