Na-Oh, taking off daily into a brand new culinary adventure

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A restaurant with a theme, a grand gothic theme – a flying vessel taking survivors of a post-apocalyptic world to a safe zone.

Na-Oh (a play on Noah and his journey-to-safety story) promises that its menu will constantly change to reflect a new theme set by the restaurant every three or four months, usually reflective of the various destinations the ‘journey’ will take you.

This flight of fancy is an old Lockheed L10-11, an 80s domestic flyer in the US now re-imagined as a restaurant in Bangkok’s Thonburi district as part of the Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market, on the west side of the Chao Phraya.

The 55 metre, 150 tonne former jet that’s been permanently parked at ChangChui since 2017 is finally whisking passengers off on culinary adventures.

Formerly flying for Thai Sky Airlines fleet, the L10-11 was about to be scrapped when Somchai, the celebrated clothing designer and founder of fashion label FlyNow, flew to its rescue.

Upon boarding for what’s billed as a “futuristic food journey”, guests have five and five-course dinners to choose among – ranging from 1800 – 2800 baht.

Na-Oh, taking off daily into a brand new culinary adventure | News by Thaiger

But when boarding the plane this time you’re entering a whole new world of imagination – the look is gothic, sumptuous, art-deco, eclectic and lush.

The restaurant owners have replaced the 400 airline seats with vintage sofas and chairs and added fancy chandeliers. Old steamer trunks serve as tables.

And adding to the ‘weird’ is a range of taxidermy hanging on the sides of the old plane – all are certified legal and ethical, meaning they died of natural causes.

Once upon a time surly baggage handlers would hurl your luggage onto a waiting trolley at an airport, but here the former luggage compartment is now a 10 seat lounge with high-backed maroon sofas.

The cockpit is a private dining room with a classic chesterfield.

You get the idea, Na-Oh is high on style, but what about the food? It’s fine dining with a thematic twist. Mostly Asian-inspired simple flavours, the owners describe the culinary experience as a futuristic food journey. So, expect the unexpected. Check out the current menu at Na-Oh HERE.

Compared to the dramatic interior and wow-factor, the degustation menu-style offerings are a secondary matter. But if you’re looking for that different dining experience in Bangkok strap yourself in, stow your tray table, open up your window covers and open up your mind to a new culinary experience.

Na-Oh is open daily, except Wednesday, from 6 to 11pm.

Bookings on 02 007 7070 or find out more HERE.

Na-Oh, taking off daily into a brand new culinary adventure | News by Thaiger Na-Oh, taking off daily into a brand new culinary adventure | News by Thaiger

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