Experience a culinary extravaganza at Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant, Bangkok’s hidden gem

PHOTO: Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant

Pastel, a Mediterranean rooftop restaurant nestled on top of the iconic Aira Hotel on Soi 11, is truly a gastronomic paradise in the vibrant city of Bangkok. Offering an impeccable blend of divine food, breathtaking views, and lively ambience, Pastel paints a picture of perfection for every food lover.

From Belgium to Bangkok: The journey of Chef Brandon Depportere

At the heart of Pastel’s culinary magic is Chef Brandon Depoortere. He has a rich career that began in a culinary school in Belgium and further polished in Michelin-starred restaurants and a five-star hotel in his hometown. Drawn by his love for Thailand, Chef Brandon brought his passion and expertise to Pastel.

When questioned about his inspiration behind the diverse menu offerings, he explained, “I think it’s not only one factor. It’s like a combination of multiple things […] First of all, the experiences I have in European and Vegetarian Cuisine, and also Michelin star restaurants. And also the most difficult part is the overseas products we need to find.”

Sampling the specialities at Pastel

Chef Brandon’s culinary brilliance at Pastel is showcased through an impressive array of dishes, each meticulously prepared and designed to offer a unique dining experience. Below are just some delightful selections the chef passionately presents as a showcase of his and his team’s exceptional talent.

Starter delights: Tuna Surprise and Grilled Calamari

Mediterranean Restaurant Bangkok
PHOTO: Tuna Surprise

One of the standout dishes in the captivating menu range is the Tuna Surprise. This visually appealing delight has layers of creamy avocado overlaying juicy chunks of tuna. Letting diners discover the treasure buried beneath, the dish strikes a harmonious balance of flavours and textures that is further enhanced with a hint of lemon.

Sharing the limelight with the Tuna Surprise is another starter – Grilled Calamari. A fusion of tender calamari filled with zesty Chorizo and seasoned with an assortment of Mediterranean spices, this culinary creation belies the typical seafood dish. The taste of the Spanish sausage gorgeously amalgamates with the calamari. Thus, creating a harmony of flavours that is as unexpected as it is delicious.

Main courses: Dover Sole and Wagyu Tenderloin

Experience a culinary extravaganza at Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant, Bangkok's hidden gem | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Wagyu Tenderloin

Moving on to the bigger dishes, the French butter pan-fried Dover Sole is a treat. With a side of Burnt Lemon, complete celery, and crispy capers, this fish dish is a must-try. Its beautiful mix of tastes will linger on your palate long after you leave the restaurant.

But the real star of this Mediterranean restaurant in Bangkok is the Wagyu Tenderloin. This dish, echoing Chef Brandon’s unparalleled culinary expertise, presents a tender and perfectly-cooked piece of Wagyu beef, accentuated by the intoxicating aroma of truffle, the richness of pan-fried foie gras, and the crunch of grilled asparagus. Every bite of this delicacy brings an explosion of flavours that are hard to forget. As aptly summarised by The Thaiger’s Alex, “Perfect, that’s the only word. It’s an amazing cut of meat. It really falls apart in your mouth […] It’s so perfectly cooked, and the truffle. There’s so much truffle around it, but it’s not overpowering. It’s just a nice, perfect little drop of truffle with everything. Oh, God, I love it.”

Sweet finale: Spiced Semifreddo Carrot Cake and Pastel Chocolate Mousse

Experience a culinary extravaganza at Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant, Bangkok's hidden gem | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Pastel Chocolate Mousse

The dessert selection at Pastel is just as extraordinary as its savoury counterparts. First in line is the Spiced Semifreddo Carrot Cake, a luscious blend of Italian meringue and spiced carrot cake. The pairing of soft meringue and spiced cake offers a unique taste that leaves you craving for more.

However, if you’re more inclined toward the classic combination of chocolate and ice cream, the Chocolate Mousse with hazelnut ice cream promises pure decadence.

“This mousse is incredible. There’s like nice little bits of crunchy chocolate, some nuts, and it’s like a really cool dessert too. So it cools you up in the hot Bangkok nights,” shares Alex.

Refreshing the palate with beverages at Pastel

Experience a culinary extravaganza at Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant, Bangkok's hidden gem | News by Thaiger
PHOTO: Pastel Rooftop Bar And Mediterranean Restaurant

Adding to the exquisite dining experience, Pastel presents an array of refreshing drinks. From the tangy kick of a passion fruit cocktail to the unique tastes of other boozy and non-alcoholic drinks, you’re sure to find something that perfectly complements your meal and uplifts your mood.

Plan your evening at Pastel

Open every day, from 17:00 till late, Pastel welcomes both tourists and locals to experience its enchanting ambience, incredible views, and incredible culinary offerings. This Mediterranean restaurant in Bangkok is a celebration of food and flavours. Sitting on top of the Aira Hotel at Soi Sukhumvit 11, it promises a fun and mouth-watering experience.

Reservations can be made HERE.

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