US government to donate 2.5 million vaccine doses to Thailand

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According to a Thai PBS World report, the US has confirmed it will donate 2.5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to Thailand. Thai-American senator Tammy Duckworth made the announcement during a webinar on Thai-US relations. It’s understood the donation is part of a pledge by the administration of US President, Joe Biden, to provide vaccines for developing countries.

The US has already donated 1.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to Thailand, with the Thai government pledging to administer 700,000 doses to every frontline healthcare worker in the country. Despite the assurances, a group of medical workers and other concerned persons have called on the US to oversee the distribution of the donated vaccines in order to hold the government to its word.

The long-awaited Pfizer doses are now expected to land in the Kingdom tomorrow, with the US Embassy planning a press conference to confirm their arrival. Thai PBS World reports that 645,000 doses will be given to the elderly, women who are more than 12 weeks’ pregnant, and people with underlying conditions. 150,000 doses will be given to foreign residents who meet the same criteria. 40,000 doses will be used to study the vaccine’s efficacy against new variants, while 5 doses will be reserved for further research.

Thailand has already taken delivery of over a million doses of AstraZeneca, donated by the Japanese government. The UK government has also announced its intention to donate 415,000 vaccine doses to Thailand, part of 9 million doses it plans to donate to countries around the world.

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SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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