Restaurants reminded to follow Covid-19 safety for holidays

PHOTO: Covid-19 safety regulations must be followed at restaurants for the holidays. (via Sophia Restaurant, Bangkok)

Though many people are not planning on travelling during the upcoming holiday season, the Department of Health has issued a reminder for restaurants the follow Covid-19 prevention regulations, especially with the increasing number of tourists for the holidays.

The director-general of the department said with the upcoming long holiday weekends, more travellers can be expected to be patronizing restaurants, especially in areas popular for tourism and close to tourist attractions. The Health Department therefore reiterates the need to follow health and safety guidelines and Covid-19 prevention regulations in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 throughout Thailand.

Restaurants should already be following the rules and guidelines set out by the government for pandemic safety. Tables should be spaced 1 or 2 metres from each other, and restaurants should be ventilated as much as possible. Restrooms need to be cleaned every hour or two, and all points of contact throughout the establishment should also be disinfected every 1 to 2 hours.

Customers are allowed to stay for a maximum of two hours (likely to decrease the probability of restaurants acting as makeshift bars with customers staying and drinking alcohol for hours on end which could lead to them relaxing on Covid-19 prevention measures and spreading infection). All diners should be wearing masks when they’re not eating and, as soon as they leave, their tables should be cleared and cleaned thoroughly.

Dishware and eating utensils must also be thoroughly cleaned, and regulation even calls for separate serving spoons for any shared dishes for additional safety from spreading Covid-19 infections.

Restaurants are also responsible for screening customers as they enter for Covid-19 safety practices. All patrons of eating establishments should be using the Thai Save Thai mobile application as well. The Department of Health urges all restaurants to be vigilant in the fight against Covid-19 so that the holidays don’t lead to massive outbreaks of the virus spread throughout the country as was seen in April from the Songkran holiday.

SOURCE: National News Bureau of Thailand

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