In Thailand, Covid numbers plummet, but restrictions remain

Thailand registered 5,238 new Covid infections and 40 new Covid-related deaths over the last 24 hours, another day of drops in numbers since the Omicron variant hit its peak on April 1 with 28,379 infections in a 24 hour period.

Yesterday there were 6,094 new infections and 51 deaths.

But the number of deaths from Covid-19 has been stubbornly consistently over the past 11 days, floating in between 50 – 60 on each day.

3,445 positive ATK test need to be added from the past 24 hours as well, a number which is also dropping in proportion to the confirmed PCR testing numbers.

10,822 patients remain in Thai field hospitals or hospitel facilities and 30,722 in home or community isolation. Of those in hospital, 1,271 remain seriously ill and 613 are on ventilators.

Of the 40 people who passed away in the last day, they were ranging in age from 38 to 100.

Despite the quickly declining trend in Covid cases in Thailand, the country is still under an emergency decree which will last at least until the end of this month, and could be extended agin for another 2 months, as it has since April 2020. The emergency decree bypasses all Covid-related matters and budget from the Thai parliament with the CCSA, chaired by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, meeting every 2 weeks and updating all restrictions and legislation.

The CCSA are set to meet this Friday to decide further easing of restrictions around the country, and any changes to the Thailand Pass.

Thailand still has an official ban on bars reopening, although many former bars and nightlife destinations have ‘converted’ into faux-restaurants allowing them to serve alcohol until midnight, the current legal closing time in Thailand.

There also remains an enforcement on the wearing of face masks in public areas, a situation that may start to be eased in some locations, in some situations, over the next month under the nickname of ‘endemic sandbox‘.

People travelling to Thailand are also required to apply for an online travel registration gateway called the Thailand Pass, administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Thailand Pass applies to Thais and all foreign travellers.

Travellers have to upload their vaccination paperwork, passport details and proof of US$10,000 Covid insurance coverage. Thais, or foreigners working in Thailand with a current Work Permit, are exempt from the insurance coverage (as they are covered by Thailand’s universal health care system).

Here’s the latest info on the Thailand Pass, which came into force on May 1.

Fully Vaccinated Travellers will only need the following documents…

  • Passport
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Proof of insurance (US$10,000)

Unvaccinated or under-vaccinated Travellers will need the following documents…

  • Passport
  • Certificate of vaccination
  • Proof of insurance (US$10,000)
  • Negative PCR Test (within 72 hours before departure to Thailand)

If the unvaccinated traveller cannot provide a Negative PCR test, they will have to do the 5 Day AQ (alternative quarantine). You can find the 5 Day AQ packages HERE.

If you have an existing Thailand Pass, which has already been approved you can travel with the issued QR Code and do not need to register for a new Thailand Pass.

Despite the plunging numbers of Covid infections, Thailand was #9 in the world (yesterday’s figures as ‘Monday’ has not arrived in some countries) for new cases, according to

In Thailand, Covid numbers plummet, but restrictions remain | News by Thaiger

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