Chulabhorn Royal Academy details Sinopharm vaccine insurance

FILE PHOTO: Insurance details and registration deadlines were mentioned in a Chulabhorn Royal Academy Facebook post.

Chulabhorn Royal Academy has announced key details of their insurance coverage included with Sinopharm vaccinations they provide as the business registration deadline approaches tomorrow. The new specifics for coverage include generous age restrictions, residence status, period of coverage, and payout totals for the insurance for those affected by the vaccine.

In a post to their Facebook page yesterday, the academy announced that 30,000 baht in medical insurance would be provided for anyone who is harmed by negative side effects after being vaccinated. The insurance policy would pay up to 1 million baht for any person who ends up comatose or dies as a result of receiving a vaccine.

Payouts from this insurance would come only after the ailments or fatality was confirmed to be a direct result of vaccination. Medical expenses will be covered under this insurance policy for the first 90 days after vaccination.

The academy announced that their vaccine insurance does have an age restriction, though the requirement that recipients must be 99 years old or younger should not affect many people. More importantly, the insurance policy only covers Thai nationals or foreigners who have resided in Thailand for a minimum of 9 months before receiving the vaccine.

While Chulabhorn Royal Academy released all these new detail confirmations, they have yet to name the insurance company underwriting these policies. They are scheduled to receive the vaccine shipment on June 20 and start administering shots on June 25.

So far, 3.66 million people have been registered to receive vaccines through the academy. A total of 10,011 businesses registered their employees as of Tuesday. And vaccine distribution centres are being lined up, with 161 hospitals already submitting applications to host the administering of the Sinopharm vaccines.

In their Facebook post, Chulabhorn Royal Academy also reminded companies who want to procure Sinopharm vaccines for their employees that the deadline to apply to be in the first phase of the vaccine rollout is tomorrow at 4 pm.

Businesses must register to receive vaccines and are warned to double-check their documents very carefully before submitting them, including the number of vaccines their company requires. The academy reminds businesses that no amendments are permitted after the applications are submitted.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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