Are businesses applying the Thai government hygiene standards?


According to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), small, local restaurants are the biggest offenders when it comes to ignoring government hygiene measures to control the reduce any return of the virus. The surveys were done to provide the government with

CCSA spokesperson Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin says that 9,383 businesses from all sectors nationwide had been checked by public health officials and local volunteers whether they have enforced social distancing measures, cleanliness and if they were wearing face masks. While 96% (9,032) preventive measures were in line with government standards, the remaining 4% (351 businesses), was found to be under government standards.

The businesses including…

• 3,156 local Thai restaurants checked, 6.7% (214) were found to be violating the rules.

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• 573 retail outlets in department stores, only 1.7% (10) were ignoring the rules.

• 2,680 businesses in markets and retail stores, 1.5 % (41) were not complying with prevention measures.

• 1,943 salons, 3.1 % (61) were ignoring hygiene measures.

Of 254 large or international restaurants, 4.7% (12) failed to apply the measures.

SOURCE: The Nation

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