19 year old claims Sinovac vaccine caused his hair to fall out

PHOTO: A student lost his hair after his second Sinovac vaccine. (via Eakkapop Thongtub)

After getting 2 Sinovac vaccines, a 19 year old student in Phuket claims his hair began falling out in clumps, leaving him bald. The vocational school student is from Phang Nha but stays now in Chalong in order to study at school and told the press that a doctor had verified the condition.

The man said he travelled to his family hometown of Tambon Phru Nai in Koh Yao district to get his Sinovac vaccines, both first and second doses. Of note, he received his second vaccine on July 16, long before the government started a drive to vaccinate school students with Pfizer vaccines.

He said he didn’t feel or see any side effects after his first Sinovac vaccine and everything appeared normal. But then, about 3 days after his second dose of Sinovac, he says he started losing his hair in fairly significant quantities.

“About three days after the second vaccination, the hair on my head began to fall out in clumps. And when I woke up in the morning, a lot of hair had fallen out and was all over my pillow. I was shocked.”

After losing clumps of hair, the man said he went to a private clinic to get help and advice from his doctor there. The doctor said that the vaccine had reacted with his white blood cells creating a harmful side effect from vaccination that caused him to become immunocompromised and begin losing his hair.

The 19 year old student says he went public with his story so that people were aware of the possible side effects, and perhaps to see if there was anyone else like him that had also lost their hair as a result of vaccination. He says that over the last 4 months, his hair has not grown back, though his body is otherwise recovering.

He said that his doctors explained to him that his condition was similar to a disease suffered by Thai actor Winai Kraibutr and that his immune system was impaired by the Sinovac vaccines. He was instructed by his doctor to rest from 5 pm on, go to bed early to get plenty of sleep, as well as avoid certain foods and be very careful to protect his weakened body from exposure to germs.

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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