Vietnamese woman finds hidden lottery tickets during house cleaning, alerts police

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A woman in Vietnam discovered hidden lottery tickets and money in her wardrobe and decided to alert the police.

On May 30, a Vietnamese woman cleaning her house found many lottery tickets and money in a wardrobe. Suspecting her husband of faking a robbery, she decided to inform the police, who are now handling the case. The suspect, referred to as Mr A, had been working for a lottery company and was heavily in debt, prompting him to concoct a plan to steal the lottery funds for himself. Mr A later confessed to staging a fake robbery to pay off his debts, with the discovered assets worth nearly 6 million baht (US$172,000)

According to the police report, Mr A was responsible for delivering and collecting lottery tickets from various retailers in the area. On the afternoon of May 7, he collected payments from retailers but did not hand them over to the lottery company as usual. Instead, he hid them at home and pretended to be unconscious in his car after being drugged and robbed. A passerby found him and took him to a hospital, alerting the police of the alleged robbery.

Mr A’s wife discovered the lottery tickets and money in the living room wardrobe while cleaning on May 8. She suspected that her husband had hidden lottery tickets there and chose to report it to the police.

Mr A confessed to faking the robbery to pay off his debts after family members confronted him. He then turned himself over to the police and confessed to the entire scheme.

In Thailand last month, police from the PCT5 division arrested a Thai fugitive in connection with a fraudulent investment scheme involving government lottery quotas. The fugitive allegedly swindled victims out of over 50 million baht before evading capture for six years. To read the whole story, click HERE.

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