Grandfather’s arranged marriage shatters woman’s fairy-tale dreams

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Marrying into a wealthy family does not ensure a happy ever after as one Vietnamese woman found out after her grandfather organized an arranged marriage. The woman’s parents thought everything was tickety-boo despite little contact with their daughter over the past two years but all that changed when she issues a “come and get me” note hidden in some homemade dumplings she mailed home, revealed the Vietnamese news site

The girl’s parents have two children, their oldest son has settled into a stable job and lives with his parents along with his wife. The parents manage a beverage business and also take care of their grandson on a daily basis.

The younger daughter graduated from university two years ago and her marriage was arranged by her grandfather who had an agreement with a business tycoon’s family. The groom is five years older than his wife.

Initially, she was unwilling to marry, especially someone she barely knew, and she felt she was too young. However, her grandfather’s persistent prodding ultimately made her give in.

Since the marriage two years ago the parents had seen little of their daughter, and even her communication with them is limited at best. Whenever they tried to call her, she would not answer, citing being busy with her baby girl as the reason she could not visit.

The parents were concerned when they were discouraged from visiting by their son-in-law’s family but they didn’t think this was anything to be too worried about.

Then, an unexpected parcel arrived containing dozens of homemade dumplings. Upon opening the package, they found a small note inside, which read…

“Please help me return home. I cannot bear to live here anymore. I’ve been so frightened that I didn’t dare to speak openly before now.”

Upon learning the truth about their daughter’s struggles, the parents immediately drove to their son-in-law’s house to bring back their daughter and granddaughter.

Upon arriving, they discovered that their daughter’s marital life was riddled with her husband’s infidelity, gambling, and abusive behaviour toward her. On top of that, her in-laws treated her poorly and threatened her. She had previously feared contacting her parents, but with her recent notification, they were now aware of the entire situation.

She also informed them that she was pregnant again and decided to take matters into her own hands by consuming pills for self-induced abortion. She said she was unwilling to bring another child into her current circumstances. The parents sympathised with their daughter, realising the extent of the risks she had faced.

The daughter recently filed for divorce and returned to her family home. All’s well that ends well, so the saying goes and maybe this is the happy ever after she was looking for.

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