Firework display gone wrong: Huge explosion sends locals fleeing in Kalasin

Photo by Khaosod

A dramatic display unfolded during the annual Bun Bang Fai Talai Lan Festival in Kalasin Province’s Kuchinarai District as a single 20 million-fireworks rocket lifted off and exploded mid-air. The festival, which took place on May 22, is uniquely celebrated in this province with millions of rockets being launched into the sky, attracting numerous local and international tourists.

At around 7pm, footage of the 20 million-fireworks rocket explosion was shared on the Facebook Page “Taxi Roi-Et 092-9030306.” The one-of-a-kind rocket was seen bursting mid-air, causing sparks and debris to shower down on frightened spectators. Fortunately, no one was injured as the event organisers had taken necessary precautions and arranged security measures.

The Bun Bang Fai Talai Lan Festival, which has been celebrated in the village of Kud Wha for generations, showcases local wisdom and techniques passed down through generations. Over the course of nearly 30 years, rockets of different shapes, sizes and weights have been developed, including 10,000-, 100,000-, and one million-firework variants.

The distinctiveness of the festival in Kud Wha, as opposed to other regions in Isaan, lies in the fact that the rockets are typically crafted in a cylindrical form. A clay igniter is usually placed at the base of the rocket to propel it into the sky. However, the rockets in Kud Wha are designed in a circular shape, resembling a spinning wheel made of flattened bamboo. Instead of igniting from the base, these rockets are launched by igniting from the centre, with fuel holes drilled along the sides of the body, causing the rocket to spin and rapidly ascend into the sky.

The thrilling event and the unique rocketry designs of Kud Wha continue to draw significant interest from both locals and tourists, despite the potential dangers involved. The annual Bun Bang Fai Talai Lan Festival remains a fascinating display of innovation, tradition, and local craftsmanship.

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