Thailand Video News | Murder suspect arrested in Korea, Government eyes Beijing inspired AI systems for airports

In this Thailand video news, Jay and Alex covers the diverse stories from across the country. Beginning with a news from Ubon Ratchathani, a 32-year-old Thai man turned to local media for justice, accusing his 34-year-old wife of infidelity, swindling him out of over 100,000 baht, and orchestrating an assault that left him with severe injuries. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared his ordeal with Esor News and Channel 3, seeking a divorce and the return of his money. After a whirlwind romance and rushed marriage, he discovered his wife’s ongoing contact with an ex-boyfriend and witnessed her inappropriate behavior during Songkran. Their relationship deteriorated, culminating in a violent confrontation on May 4, leading to a car crash and further assault by his wife’s friends. Despite his injuries, he was arrested for firing a gun and drunk driving. Now, he is pleading for a divorce and the return of his money.

Thailand Murder Suspect Arrested in South Korea
A man in his 20s, part of a trio suspected of committing a gruesome murder, was arrested in South Korea. The victim’s body, believed to be 34-year-old Roh Eui Jong, was found encased in concrete inside a large plastic container submerged in the Map Prachan reservoir in Chon Buri, Thailand. The suspect was apprehended on May 12 at his residence in Gyeongnam province, according to the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency. The case, which involves alleged kidnapping by three Koreans, is under investigation, and details remain undisclosed. Initial findings suggest a connection to Roh Eui Jong, who had been missing since May 3. Reports indicate that the other suspects fled Thailand, with one crossing into Myanmar and another believed to be in Cambodia.

Clinic Owner Unmasked as Actor’s Pickpocket in Ratchayothin
A high-profile beauty clinic owner was identified as the pickpocket who stole an iPhone 13 Pro Max from a young actor of Mflow Entertainment at a nightlife venue in Ratchayothin. The incident, which occurred last night, was revealed through surveillance footage shared on Facebook, shocking the public due to the suspect’s reputable background. The actor reported the theft to Phaholyothin Station, leading to the identification of the suspect, who flaunts a luxurious lifestyle online. Further investigations revealed at least two other victims with similar experiences, suggesting the involvement of an organized pickpocketing ring. Over 20 victims have reported thefts exceeding 1 million baht. CCTV footage shows the thief following the actor and stealing the phone while he was distracted. The footage release aims to raise public awareness about property safety and prevent further incidents.

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Thailand Eyes AI to Improve Airport Operations, Inspired by Beijing
The Thailand Ministry of Transport is exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance airport operations, aiming to position the country as a leading aviation hub in the region. Transport Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit announced this initiative following his visit to Beijing Capital International Airport, where AI has been successfully integrated into its management system. AI at Beijing Airport has improved efficiency by reducing luggage unloading times, speeding up aircraft cleaning, and optimizing pre-flight maintenance. The system tracks and analyzes passenger movement, providing insights to improve operations for both departing and arriving passengers. Inspired by these advancements, Thailand aims to implement similar AI technologies at Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Meanwhile, Suvarnabhumi Airport will update its automatic passport-checking channels, potentially causing longer queues until early June.

Ham-Handed: Thai Ramen Joint Under Fire for Porky Switcheroo
A popular ramen restaurant in Thailand has come under fire for substituting ham for the traditional chashu pork, leading to severe food poisoning for a customer. The controversy erupted after a member of the “We are Consumers” group shared their experience online, sparking a debate over consumer rights and business ethics. The customer ordered Tonkotsu Ramen, expecting chashu pork, but received sour-tasting ham instead. Following the meal, the customer suffered from relentless diarrhoea and expressed relief that their daughter hadn’t consumed the tainted ham. Attempts to contact the franchise owner were met with denial, and the brand has yet to take responsibility. The incident went viral, prompting calls for the matter to be reported to the Consumer Protection Board (CPB). The case underscores the need for strict adherence to food quality standards and transparency in the food industry, highlighting the importance of maintaining trust and integrity in culinary practices.

Korean YouTuber Ignites Trend for Chanthaburi’s Nam Mapied Drink
Korean YouTuber Cullen Hateburry has sparked a trend with his video featuring the Nam Mapied drink, a speciality of Chanthaburi Province. The YouTube channel Hateburry, showcasing Cullen’s journey with companions Pee Jung and Nong Dan, highlighted their adventurous exploration of local activities and cuisine. Their enthusiastic reaction to Nam Mapied, a drink made from Citrus hystrix (kaffir lime), captivated viewers. Known for its strong sour flavor followed by sweetness, Nam Mapied is a traditional local refreshment perfect for the Thai climate. The group’s video, featuring a variation with lychee, has popularized the drink, demonstrating the powerful influence of social media in promoting regional delicacies.

Steam Banned in Vietnam Over Alleged Regulatory Evasion
Steam, the popular digital distribution platform, has been banned in Vietnam, reportedly due to Valve’s business practices. According to a local publisher spokesperson, Valve is able to release games in Vietnam without government approval, unlike domestic game makers who must comply with regulatory processes. This situation has been described as unfair to local publishers, with the spokesperson urging authorities to intervene to prevent the demise of domestic game development. Reports from the Steam forums indicate that all internet providers in Vietnam have blocked access to the Steam launcher and website.

Pepsi Bottler Faces Legal Case in Myanmar Over Worker Complaints
Thoung Han, a former electrical department team leader at a bottling plant producing Pepsi in Myanmar, has been pursuing legal action against Lotte MGS Beverages for his allegedly unfair dismissal without severance pay in 2022. Han claims he was fired after a dispute over taking a lunch break due to his diabetes, and for an accident unrelated to his department. His lawsuit seeks damages including 10 million kyat ($4,770) for defamation. The Solidarity Trade Union Myanmar reports numerous cases of unfair dismissals and workplace intimidation at Lotte’s plants, with over 20 workers alleging a lack of proper compensation. Despite threats from unidentified men to drop the case, Han continues his legal battle, highlighting broader issues of labor rights and corporate accountability in Myanmar.

An Ape for Palm Oil? Critics Slam Malaysia’s ‘Orangutan Diplomacy’ Plan
Malaysia’s proposal to gift orangutans to countries that buy its palm oil has drawn heavy criticism from conservationists. Modeled after China’s “panda diplomacy,” the plan aims to boost palm oil sales by using the critically endangered great apes as diplomatic tokens. Critics argue that this is hypocritical, given that palm oil production is a major driver of deforestation and the decline of orangutan populations. Conservation experts like Stuart Pimm from Duke University call the plan “obscene,” emphasizing that unlike China’s extensive conservation efforts for pandas, Malaysia’s proposa lacks genuine commitment to protecting orangutans and their habitats. Environmental groups urge Malaysia to focus on reversing deforestation and improving sustainable palm oil practices instead of using endangered species for diplomacy. The controversy highlights the ongoing conflict between economic interests and environmental conservation in the region.

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