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    Thailand’s Cannabis Future Network warns parties against reinstating plant as narcotic

    The Cannabis Future Network in Thailand has called upon three alliance parties not to reinstate cannabis as a narcotic drug, referring to the decision as “getting the first shirt button wrong” and potentially leading to further issues. The network leader, Prasitchai Nunual, expressed his concerns on their Facebook fan page, stating that the ad-hoc committee responsible for discussing the removal…

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    From Ancient to Modern: The Cannabis Tale of Thailand

    Click the link to watch a video: On June 9, 2022, Thailand became the first country in Asia—and only the third in the world, after Canada and Uruguay—to decriminalize cannabis nationwide. But did you know that cannabis was not always illegal in Thailand? In this video, we give you a brief history of cannabis in Thailand as well as…

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    Thailand to track cannabis users in government database | Thailand News Today

      Thailand to track cannabis users in government database Thai nationals will soon be required to show their ID cards when purchasing cannabis flowers. The ID and sales information will be entered into a government database, according to the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTAM). Registered vendors will be required to insert the buyers’ ID into a “device”…

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    New Year’s weed parties illegal | GMT

    In today’s episode, Alcohol banned from festive gift baskets in Thailand, DTAM to cannabis vendors: New Year’s weed parties illegal, Tourism groups in South Korea sign deals with TAT, AoT app expanding: flight info, taxis, shopping and more, Iconic Bangkok road sees staff shortage as tourists return.

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    Massive surge of Japanese restaurants in Thailand | GMT

    In today’s episode, Bill committee removes the section stating cannabis isn’t a narcotic, Online system to control cannabis bud sales will be ready next year, Thai people wishing the princess well, Massive surge of Japanese restaurants in Thailand, Phuket cashes in as tourists return.

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    Thailand News Today | Thai cannabis regulations – What you can and can’t do

      A cannabis frenzy swept over Thailand after the government removed it from the narcotics list on June 6. After a confusing initial rollout, here’s where the country currently stands and what you can and can’t do. If you’re wondering whether you can smoke and consume cannabis in Thailand, the short answer is yes. With the new law, anyone over…

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    Hoteliers disagree with government dual pricing proposal | GMT

    Hoteliers disagree with government dual pricing proposal. Thai tourist visa fees might be suspended until the end of 2022. Don’t answer calls starting with +697, it’s a scam. Thai man appeals to robbers to stop as he has nothing left. Thai health minister defends decision to decriminalise green. All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

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    Cannabis in Thailand – Dos and Don’ts | GMT

    Thongchai Jade became the first player from Thailand to win on the PGA Tour Champions. Police raid bars breaking the alcohol closing time. Nightlife closing times, revised mask requirements and more land border re-openings. All this and more on today’s Good morning Thailand.

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    Smoking cannabis recreationally is still illegal, warns Department of Public Health

    Cannabis smoke is a “public nuisance” and smoking it recreationally – at home or in public – is illegal, warns Thailand’s Department of Public Health. From June 9, growing cannabis plants at home will become legal, but smoking cannabis recreationally will remain a punishable offence. The only prerequisite to legally growing cannabis at home, from June 9, is downloading and…

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    Plan to land Thai cannabis on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list

    [Intangible: adj. Incapable of being perceived by the senses.] While some would call the effects of marijuana anything but intangible, the Ministry of Culture is planning to get Thai ganja on the UNESCO “intangible cultural heritage” list. The ministry claims that Thai cannabis has been used in all regions of the country as a herb, while locally grown weed has…

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    Thaiger Bites | Your comments and Feedback | August 30

    Thai Cannabis, Police, Tourism, Vaccine passports and monuments. Tim and Jay go through your viewer comments and feedback from GMT, TNT and the Thaiger Talk forum on our website.