Thai city ranked most polluted city in the world | GMT

In today’s GMT episode, a range of current events in Thailand were discussed. One of the major highlights was the announcement that Thailand’s lottery office has stopped paying out prizes with cash due to concerns over illegal gambling activities. Winners will now receive their prizes through electronic transfers, a move that is aimed at curbing the rampant illegal lottery trade in the country.

Another topic of discussion was the decision by Big Oil Majors to cut their oil production as a precautionary step to stabilize the oil market. This comes in the wake of plummeting oil prices due to the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Chiang Mai, a popular tourist destination in Thailand, has been ranked as the most polluted city in the world for nine days in a row. The situation has led to calls for urgent action to address the problem of air pollution in the city.

In a more positive development, the Bangkok Police recently rescued two underage girls from a prostitution ring. The girls, who had been lured into the trade by traffickers, were rescued in a joint operation by the police and anti-trafficking organizations.

Finally, the show highlighted the impressive feat of a Taiwanese foodie who managed to eat 61 bowls of noodles at a popular Bangkok restaurant. The story sparked both amazement and concern among viewers, with some questioning the wisdom of such excessive eating.

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