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Meeting in Pattaya addresses Chinese tourism drop-off

The Thaiger



Meeting in Pattaya addresses Chinese tourism drop-off | The Thaiger

PHOTO: South China Morning Post

The Tourism Authority of Thailand, and its regional offices, are very good at painting a happy face, even as the numbers and trends are heading in the opposite direction of their planned growth in tourist arrivals. In Phuket, for example, where there’s been a big drop off in Chinese tourists, the local TAT is quoting an official drop of less than 10% (without providing information about how they measure it), whereas local hotels and tour operators are saying the drop has been more like 50% plus.

Sophon Cable TV in Pattaya is suggesting that tourism officials in Chonburi are in the same denial about the tourist crisis in Pattaya and surrounding tourist hot-spots. They are reporting that tour operators say Chinese visitors to Pattaya were down 60%.

But the Chonburi and Pattaya TAT officials say this was not the case. According to Sophon Cable, they were putting a rosy spin on the reality. Whilst they accept that third quarter arrivals of Chinese in Pattaya this year were down, year-on-year, the situation could be explained in part due to less Chinese visitors coming on group tours.

They said that there are increasing numbers of Chinese, known as “FIT” travellers (Free and Independent Travellers), that are organising their own trips and more difficult to measure.

Sophon Cable reported a meeting at Garden Seaview Resort where numbers were crunched and opinions heard. TAT officials, local businessmen and tour operators attended the gathering.

Some operators claimed Chinese visitors were down 60%.

But Amphai Sakdanukoonjit from Chonburi Tourism and Sports reported to the meeting that last year 17 million tourists visited Chonburi and 14.6 million came to Pattaya. Figures up to August this year show that there really isn’t all that much difference in last year and this when it comes to tourist numbers and tourist spending. But she conceded that safety, especially water safety, was of concern to the Chinese.

The meeting was told that 40% of all tourist deaths in Thailand were Chinese tourists. Other measures, like easier visa on arrival, would help the situation, said Amphai.

Others told the meeting that figures for tourism were up in the earlier part of 2018. But since then the drop off in Chinese tourism has meant a third quarter fall of at least 10-12%.

Meeting in Pattaya addresses Chinese tourism drop-off | News by The Thaiger

Amphai Sakdanukoonjit, Chonburi Tourism and Sports

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16 year old praised for rendering first aid at an accident in Pattaya

The Thaiger



16 year old praised for rendering first aid at an accident in Pattaya | The Thaiger

Sanook reports that Jiraphon Madeua, an M4 student at the Photisamphan Pitthayakarn school in Pattaya, was on his way home and was first to respond to a to man who had come off his motorcycle. He was judiciously applying his first aid knowledge to assist the stricken man.

The 16 year old says that he received first aid training at school and knew what to do until professional assistance arrived at the scene.

68 year old Amnuay was taken to hospital after suffering facial injuries in the crash. At this stage police say he appeared to have been side swiped by a car as he rode his motorcycle along Theppasit Road in Bang Lamung. Police are studying CCTV to try to find out what happened.

Well done Jiraphon!

SOURCE: Sanook

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Three year old savaged by local dogs in Chon Buri

The Thaiger



Three year old savaged by local dogs in Chon Buri | The Thaiger

The overly-dramatic photo montage was compiled by Daily News

Daily News is reporting that a 3 year old child remains in a serious condition in the Sri Racha hospital in Chon Buri after being attacked by a pack of ten dogs.

It is the second attack reported in two days in Thailand. On Wednesday afternoon a young Finnish boy was attacked by stray dogs at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi and remains in the local hospital recovering from his ordeal.

65 year old Jitpirom Phoonpatanassuk says she was taking her grandson Namning to look at some coffee plants growing next door but he then ran back home without her.

Next she heard Namning screaming after being attacked by at least ten local soi dogs. He suffered cuts and bites to his entire body and was covered in blood when his grandmother got to him.

He had cuts around his head, waist, back, and left and right side of his body.

She took him to Phayathai Sri Racha hospital where doctors have been attending to his wounds. As of this morning he was still unable to move.

The neighbour initially blamed the toddler for entering his property then agreed to settle with a 100,000 baht compensation payment.

The grandmother has made an official report about the attack with Sri Racha police.

SOURCE: Daily News

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Foreign tourists being tracked down for driving dangerously in Pattaya

The Thaiger



Foreign tourists being tracked down for driving dangerously in Pattaya | The Thaiger

Daily News reports that Pattaya Police are tracking down two foreigners caught on video riding recklessly in the Jomtien area, south of Pattaya.

The video clip shows the two men waiting at traffic lights before racing each other with one man splaying his legs and doing a “wheelie”.

Neither of the pair were wearing a helmet or shirts.

The Pattaya police chief, Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch, spoke to Daily News Online and said he had ordered officers to find the tourists. CCTV at the intersection and along Jomtien Sai 2 is being checked to better identify the bikes and help track down the pair.

He said they will be charged with reckless endangerment of the public and not wearing helmets. The reckless endangerment charge carries the possibility of a jail term.

Earlier this week it was announced that three Thai motorbike riders had been jailed for doing wheelies along the highway. The jail terms were suspended by the court.

SOURCE: Daily News

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