Nana Overview Guide in 2023

Nana,Bangkok is an energetic and dynamic piece of the city, well known among locals and tourists alike because of its many lifestyle amenities. The region has gained notoriety for being one of Bangkok’s top nightlife areas of interest, with different bars and clubs grouped on Sukhumvit Soi 11, 4, and 8. From a private viewpoint, Nana offers a decent selection of leisure choices like eateries, night markets, restaurants, and shops.

Nana is strategic located makes it a helpful and easy-to-find neighborhood, particularly for working experts in Bangkok’s Central Business District, such as Asoke, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Siam, Sathorn, Silom, and more. The location has made Nana a well-known expat neighborhood, making it quite possibly the most cosmopolitan region in Bangkok.

However, since the pandemic, Nana has gone through some changes with new additions of restaurants, bars, clubs, and luxury apartments for sale, and more which cater to everyone’s liking. In addition, the new law in Thailand is the first country in the Southeast to legalize cannabis. For more information on what you can and can’t do in Bangkok, check the news here on Thaiger.

Moving on, we will give you a simple guide on how Nana changed after the pandemic and what to expect when you are visiting Nana for you wanting to move in the area.

Nana Lifestyle

Nana, Bangkok has a very dynamic lifestyle, from being the most cosmopolitan area in Bangkok Central Business District. There is everything for everyone in Nana. Traditionally Nana area starts from Sukhumvit Soi 3 and 4, known as Nana Plaza at Soi 3, and the latter is known as a red light district.

However, since the pandemic, there have been many changes to the area to add some luxury touch, but keep the traditional essence of Nana in mind. Therefore, we will separate lifestyle categories into two different schedules, as you can not compare Nana in the morning and during the night, as they are vastly different.

Nana Morning Lifestyle

Nana Lifestyle
Nana District in the Morning

Nana is home to locals and expats from literally every country you can think of. Locals of Chinese, Korean, Indian, European, and more descent are all in Nana. Expats with high-paying jobs or even digital nomads are all situated in Nana to live in the area. So during the morning, on the weekdays, you would notice lots of people rushing to work by walking, motorbike taxi, hailing a cab, or even taking a boat ride.

After the morning rush to work, Nana district has a beautiful, chill, and relaxing atmosphere where you see people going to various coffee shops, chic boutique cafes and restaurants, or walking to shopping centers in the area.

After the pandemic, the rise of coffee shops in Nana has risen from franchises such as Coffee Club or Starbucks to small enterprises such as Chen Z Homemade Cafe. Even the restaurant scene in Nana changed significantly. From street food stalls with chicken noodles opposite Ambassador Hotel to Thailand’s famous stir-fried chicken basil rice with a fried egg on top. Now, Nana provides you fantastic theme restaurants that specialize in different cuisines.

During the day, you can visit Little Fu at Mercure Hotel, with a fantastic fusion of Chinese-Thai cuisines, or go for a Chinese buffet at Ambassador Hotel with unlimited dim-sums.

Are you tired of Asian cuisine? No need to worry; you can have lunch at German Beer House, specializing in Chicken Schnitzel, to mouth-watering streaks at El Gaucho. Just a reminder, El Gaucho is quite a high-end restaurant with a fantastic selection of beers and wines, even during lunch hours.

As time moves forward, around 4 pm, street stalls are preparing for the evening rush. You can walk from Sukhumvit Soi 5 towards Terminal 21 at Sukhumvit Soi 21. Between the two alleys, you can find a fantastic burger and shop cafe called Quickie and pass by the historically famous Margarita Storm serving amazing pizzas. The alley is when people started to open their wallets of beautifully designed t-shirts, jeans, watches, shoes, and more. So many choices to choose from you would get tired in just under an hour.

Nana Night Lifestyle

Nana Lifestyle at Night
Nana Lifestyle at Night

During the night, Nana comes into the full swing of being the go-to place for a great night out in Bangkok. But, of course, after the pandemic, Nana nightlife scene changed dramatically, and with the new law to legalize weed, things went full throttle, but I will mention that later.

Presently, Nana, especially Sukhumvit Soi 11, provides all the stops to have a perfect night out with friends. Before going out to bars, you can enjoy amazing burgers at Bang Bang Burger or Artisan Burgers. If you are not a burger fan, do not worry, as Soho Pizza, New York Style Slices, will do the job for you before going heavy on the booze. Likewise, if you are not a fan of burgers and pizza, do not worry, as you can try a variety of Italian pasta at Tony’s or the famous Hemingway Bars. Especially, to during the World Cup 2022, you can watch the games with a pleasant atmosphere in Bangkok. Especially during the World Cup fever, sports data and analysis are everyone to been from websites or tv.

Want some spice and Asia flavor? Nana is the place for Indian food and excellent kebabs. For Indian food, you can visit Punjab Grill at soi 13, or for a more street food style, Chowpati comprises 200 selections of Indian street food such as; chicken tikka, idles, fried potatoes and much more. Seeking an excellent kebab roll, Nana soi 3 has you covered at Shawarma Corner. Shawarma Corner is where you can add some fresh French fries with extra spicy sauce and garlic sauce for a fantastic taste.

Clubbing in Nana, Sukhumvit

I understand this part is you are waiting for, the bars and clubbing scene. Nana currently provides a variety of bars with a wide selection of beer, whiskey, and wines. For wine lovers, the best place is Wine Connection, as the name suggests. Go for unique cocktails and drinks, such as a gin on the rooftop bar Above Eleven, and watch the beautiful skyscrapers of Bangkok.

Or head over to Nest, a chill seating area on the eighth floor for the hotel opposite of Villa Market.

On the other hand, clubs in Nana provide different concepts, music, and themes. The top three recommendations are Sugar, Levels, and the newly opened Candy.

For a great night out, Sugar is the place to be, with hip-hop music blasting through the speakers if you are a significant hip-hop fan. With fantastic music, reasonable prices, and various drinks served at the bar, you will have the time of your life. For an exclusive experience with bottles of champagne, Levels Club is the place to be at night. Book a table, enjoy the house music with a few bottles of champagne, and enjoy a night you would never-ever forget.

Lastly, the newly opened Candy offers excellent seating, a viewing deck, and a brand-new glass window to watch dancers on the dance floor. Have a table on the second floor to fully experience the scene and the dance floor in Candy with bright red neon lights.

Nana Property Overview

Why choose the Nana district as your new home in Bangkok? The main reason is because of the location of the district. Nana is an extension among Sukhumvit and different regions of the CBD (For example, Ploenchit Region and Silom-Sathorn). It is vital to take note that Nana is a prime location and laid out region where there is always new development happening in the area.

The area is geologically sandwiched among Asoke and Ploen Chit, permitting it to profit from a consistent rental market. Most occupants will generally be expats (single-working experts and youthful families) working close to their workplaces. From a capital appreciation viewpoint, Nana is seeing a positive upturn because of the developing shortage of developable land plots. The district consists of apartments of all sizes, price points, and designs. However, there are houses in the area, but residents are seeking to live in apartments in the area more.


Apartments in Bangkok: Nana Sukhumvit

Nana Hyde Sukhumvit Soi 11
Hyde Condo Sukhumvit Soi 11

Apartments are sprinkled over a few streets, with most of the personal choices bunching on Sukhumvit 11, 13, 10, 3, and 4. There are always new apartments in Nana with a wide range of price points. However, today will give you one option considered by popular choices.

The most popular option, according to the proptech website Fazwaz and Lazudi is a luxury apartment in Nana Sukhumvit Soi 11 road called Hyde Sukhumvit 11.

The luxury apartment is considered top buying and renting from expats and locals. The apartment is nestled in the middle of the alley road, which provides excellent amenities in the area. The moment you step out of the apartment, you have restaurants, bars, salons, street food stalls, cannabis vans, and tattoo parlors. One thing in Hyde Sukhumvit 11 is that you will never get bored as there is always something new to do.

You can choose from many more apartments in the Nana district, such as 15 Northside, Noble, Trendy Apartments, Rich Apartment at Soi 3, Q1 by QH House, with all different price points, sizes, facilities, and more to match your lifestyle.

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