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    Talking With Gary Butler About How ‘The Roaming Cook’ Began

    Gary Butler is an Englishman who creates fun and informative videos about the street food of Bangkok on his YouTube channel. He takes viewers on an exciting culinary journey, exploring the diverse range of dishes available in the city’s bustling street markets. With a keen eye for detail, Butler expertly captures the colors, aromas, and flavors of Thai cuisine, giving…

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    Dern Rim Lay Festival on Kata Beach today

    Phuket is celebrating the holiday with the launch of a number of Christmas and New Year’s events, starting with the Dern Rim Lay @ Kata Festival. The festival began yesterday and continues now in Karon on Kata Beach. Street stalls line the beach and around 150 vendors are offering food and shopping to the thousands of locals, residents, expats, and…

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    Several Thai street food eateries earn spots on 2023 Michelin Guide list

    Thailand’s culinary scene is making waves. It was announced yesterday that 189 street food eateries across the kingdom have made it to the 2023 Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand list. Out of the 189 restaurants and eateries that made it to the list, 84 were street food eateries, and 105 were restaurants. Michelin Guide’s international director, Gwendal Poullennec, said the high…

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    The best street food Thailand has to offer (2022)

    Whether you’re in Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai, the street food in Thailand is sure to be a star attraction. The street food culture in Thailand is major- the locals and foreigners alike love street food since it’s cheap and delicious. Thailand, especially Bangkok, is dotted with street foods on almost every of the soi (streets). Just walking down a…

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    Thailand’s Most Expensive Donut | This is Thailand   Trends for foods in Thailand come and go, from truffle to charcoal, and in 2022, donuts seem to be the latest craze. Join Natty, Sara and Jay for the ultimate donut taste test where they try the cheapest Thai street food donut and the most expensive donut from Karrat Official and see what their verdicts are. Listen to…

  • This is Thailand

    Thai street food – The best noodles in Bangkok, Thailand!

      This place is called “Victory Monument”. a central place for public transportation such as the van, bus, or BTS sky train in Bangkok, which many Thai people come here to use public transportation to go to all areas in Thailand. Here is one of the places which have a history of “Kuey-Teow-Rei ” or “Boat noodles” where the noodle…

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    Mango sticky rice of death? | This is Thailand

    Mango sticky rice or Khao Niao Mamuang is a traditional Thai dessert and Did you know the word “Mango Sticky rice” was slang in Thai, meaning “to be murdered!!”?

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    Thailand News Update | Optimistic marketing plans to build Thai tourism

    The forever optimistic Tourism Authority of Thailand is continuing to roll out its current marketing plans to target both international and domestic travellers despite a luke-warm start to the year. 2022 started with only the Phuket Sandbox and a quarantine option available for international arrivals, and even after the Test & Go option was re-instated on February 1, the numbers…

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    Farmers dress as superheroes to get more customers after drop in sales during pandemic

    A Thai sugarcane farmer in Prachin Buri and his brother-in-law are dressing up as Batman and Superman to attract more customers. Sales had dropped since the Covid-19 pandemic, and the two needed a way to bring them back up. The two men sell sugarcane juice every day between 1pm and 3pm at the intersection on Route 359 in Krabin Buri,…

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    Chiang Mai street vendor goes viral for showing skin to sell sweets

    A 23 year old Chiang Mai street vendor has gone viral online after she decided to draw in customers by showing a bit of skin, wearing a cardigan-style shirt, loosely pinned at the top, with nothing underneath while making the popular street snack known as “khanom Tokyo” which are basically Thai pancakes. Before going viral as the sexy street vendor,…

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    Last-minute announcement: Colourful Phuket month-long festival

    Never one for last-minute planning, the Thai government has announced just this afternoon plans for a month-long Colourful Phuket Festival launching tomorrow to welcome tourists back in the Phuket Sandbox that has been planned for months. Perhaps they sensed that international tourists who return to Phuket may be disappointed with the lack of activities while all bar and nightlife venues…

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    Top 8 Street Foods in Thailand

  • Economy

    BMA extends permits for street vendors to 2 years for stability

    A Bangkok Metropolitan Administration committee has decided to extend street vendor permits from 1 year to 2 years in order to ease the burdens on small businesses as they begin the long road to recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Bangkok’s Deputy Governor made the announcement, explaining that the BMA and other related agencies will work together in the short-term to…

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    Phuket Thai food treats you need to try | VIDEO

    Nimz, our new Thaiger Vlogger takes you on a tour of some uniquely Phuket foods, although you may find them in other provinces these days as well. A lot of southern Thai food can be very spicy and features a lot of seafood, but Nimz went for the ‘less’ spicy (mai phet) options. Tell us about your favourite Thai treats…

  • Bangkok

    Bangkok’s Chinatown to get a new look

    Bangkok’s Chinatown is getting a makeover. A noticeable change will be to the food carts lining the main strip, Yaowarat Road, which are usually packed tightly along the street. In the revitalisation plan starting early next year, the food carts will be “more ordered” and “harmonised,” according to deputy governor Sakoltee Phattiyakul. “After January, people will see a noticeable change…

  • Central Thailand

    One death and many sick after eating dumplings

    Around 2 dozen people got sick and 1 person died sometime after they ate dumplings sold by a street vendor in Samut Prakan, a province south of Bangkok. Bacteria was found in the dumplings, or kanom jeeb, after a lab test, but health officials say they’re still not sure if the bacteria caused the food poisoning. They’re still investigating before they…

  • Food Scene

    Cooking with Bibi – let’s make papaya salad (somtam)

    Bibi heads out onto the streets to try some home-made Somtam, that spicy Papaya Salad that makes the eyes water of even the most chilli-loving farang. Then she puts on the chef hat and tries for herself. Let’s go cooking on Thailand’s streets with Bibi.  

  • Expats

    World’s best street food, top 30 cities rated

    Where in the world is the best street food? Those living in Thailand will bet Bangkok is going to come out on top, right? Well, not according to research, the Street Food Index, conducted by My Late Deals. In their current surgery, Hong Kong came out on top as the city with the best street food. The city topped the Street Food Index, beating tasty competition from Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh in…

  • Bangkok

    Street food returns to the streets of Bangkok in four districts

    Street vendors are not to be more rigorously controlled in relation to their location and conduct. Bangkok authorities are now set to apply its new registrations to hundreds of street side food vendors in four districts of the capital. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has agreed to the setup of 191 stalls. The registration process will be complete by February and before…

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    Sampling Saigon street food with XO Tours

    PHOTOS: XO Tours Find yourself in Saigon and looking to learn more about the local street food scene? Well, if your sense of adventure is in intact and you prefer to receive your knowledge first hand, then XO Tours can provide you with a fascinating and insightful trip through the streets of Saigon. Sitting on the back of a moped…

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    Hua Hin seafood sellers told not to overcharge customers

    “Sea Write author Somchai Liewwarin complained that he was charged several thousand baht for just a few plates of seafoods.” PHOTO: Downshiftology Food-shop owners and street food sellers in Hua Hin say they will sign an MoU with the Hua Hin municipal office which will require them to strictly abide by trading rules and not to overcharge their customers, especially for…