Beloved street food vendor found lifeless in car amidst mysterious circumstances

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In a shocking turn of events, a local street food merchant was found lifeless in her car. The incident, which took place at around 10am today, led to an investigation by local police and a rescue foundation. They discovered the lady, a seller of barbecued pork, lifeless in her Chevrolet vehicle. The entire event upset and bemused the quiet community.

The street, situated in the Thung Khru district, of Bangkok, was thrown into chaos. The victim of the incident was identified as a 54 year old woman, a street food vendor by occupation and known for her grilled pork skewers. The Chevy she was found in was parked in front of one of the houses in her residential neighbourhood when tragedy struck.

The entire scene was examined meticulously by law enforcement officials and forensic teams. A medical examiner from Siriraj Hospital was also present at the site of the incident. Witnesses to the event, including the woman’s husband, a 62 year old local government official, were questioned.

The husband revealed that normally by 4am, he, his wife, and their son would be awake and preparing their food for sale. However, on this tragic day, he noticed his wife was missing. A search ensued, and he discovered her lifeless body inside their car. The husband believes that health issues, coupled with recent stress, might have led his wife to her untimely demise, reported KhaoSod.

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He disclosed that about two months prior to the incident, the alarm on her motorbike trailer, which housed the skewers, went off, causing a commotion in the neighbourhood. Her trailer rammed into a pickup truck, leading to a legal complication that left her very stressed as the other party failed to take responsibility for the damage.

While the victim’s body was about to be retrieved from the car for examination, her pet Pomeranian who the deceased had nurtured from its infancy, made its way out of the house, jumped in the car, and onto the woman’s lap. Amid this, the alarm went off once again, echoing across the neighbourhood. Despite efforts to switch it off by shutting the car doors, they self-locked, which left officials no option but to get the car remote from the bereaved husband.

The lady’s body has been handed over to the forensic team for a detailed post-mortem examination. Once the paperwork is completed, her family will receive her body for performing traditional religious rites.

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