Why great coffee is an office must-have

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Why do we need coffee at the office?

This is not a rhetorical question. Do we need to socialize with team members and customers? Do we need it because it boosts our energy which helps us be more productive? Do we need it because it’s our craving? Do we need it because it’s the icebreaker in meetings? Or, do we need it because it’s just deep in the roots of our culture?

At Coffee Culture, it’s important that we find answers to these questions. We want to help businesses create a more productive atmosphere for both their employees and customers. Just this summer, we rolled out a brand-new Office Coffee Subscription program in Thailand to enhance the coffee break in the workplace. For years, Susan has incorporated small gestures for her clientele, no matter what industry she was working in. She also ensured that her team had access to facilities that would reduce stress in the workplace as well as increase the level of caffeine and productivity.

So, what did she learn? And how can you apply some of the lessons to your business?

Coffee at work: Sets the mood for employees

Your morning mood affects your whole workday. Paying attention to the morning moods of your employees can change their job performance and productivity.

How can you help set the mood for the day for your employees? How can you help them cope with stress, and boost their performance? There is no doubt it can be difficult, but it is NOT impossible to hit the reset button. We just had to find the right roast coffee that every staff would enjoy, not just on their own, but together as a team. Coffee at work allows your employees:

Take a break — to make a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee while taking the time to relax and catch your breath.

Team bonding — coffee is social. It provides a social spot not only for your staff but for anyone who visits. Coffee is a social drink, which is made even more social by the rise in coffee culture we are seeing across the globe.

Not all employees are coffee lovers, some simply are tea lovers, but a coffee break will allow them to relax and build a bond together as a team. For those that want to improve the productivity and team-building of their team, office coffee is a good thing.

If you want to get more out of your team, why not take a look at our range of Office Coffee Subscriptions and our extensive range of roast coffee? Enjoy scheduled delivery through bulk wholesale coffee. You can even arrange a coffee tasting to choose the right roast for your office with our Coffee Tasting Kit.

Coffee Is The Icebreaker & Start Of Conversations With Clients

Putting your best foot forward with clients starts with quality coffee. Businesses should put in a lot of effort to impress their clients. Positioning yourself in the right way is vital for your customer relationships. Wherever you work, the first impressions you create are difficult to shift, so what can you do to your office to wow your customers and make sure they perceive you, your employees and your business in the right way? Offer great coffee, of course!

The one thing you must remember is that it’s not just about presentation, it’s the smallest details that matter most. Offer your clients delicious coffee to enhance socializing without losing professionalism. Something as small as a quality coffee experience can make a big impression. Not only is it an icebreaker, it helps to set a calm mood and in return, set a positive atmosphere at the very beginning of the meeting. Generally speaking, most people will agree to a cup of coffee. This is because many people feel more relaxed and at ease when sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Ensure that you ask them exactly how they take their coffee so that they are not disappointed, and will focus on the meeting rather than the bad cup of coffee they have to drink. This makes it the perfect drink to serve during a client meeting. Your clients will feel more relaxed and the different ways they take their coffee will provide unique talking points to break the ice if they are new clients.

Why great coffee is an office must-have | News by Thaiger
Photo Via: Coffee Culture

What’s next?

In a world where businesses will be immersed in the metaverse, virtual meetings will become part of our routines thus having a cup of coffee in which you can relate and share the experience together will be the future.

Until then stay tuned for more of Coffee Culture’s coffee innovations: www.coffeeculture.asia or chat with their team for coffee recommendations, HERE.

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