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Dee Money: Thailand's premier and fastest-growing financial technology company


With the pandemic boosting the global digital economy and accelerating cross-border payments, people are constantly looking for hassle-free modes of transaction. However, finding the right and trustworthy financial service can be challenging due to cumbersome procedures and money lost to hidden charges and exchange rates. DeeMoney, Thailand’s #1 Fintech specialising in cross-border payments, aims to address these pain points by offering reasonable, transparent, and seamless cross-border payment options.

What is DeeMoney?

DeeMoney is Thailand’s premier and fastest-growing Fintech company specialising in international payments. The company is licensed by the Bank of Thailand, with additional licences through the “International Money Remittance Service Non-Bank Licence” & “Money Exchange and E-Payment Licences”.

DeeMoney has recorded 300%+ growth during the pandemic and has processed THB 100 Billion + and 4 Million+ transactions in and out of Thailand to date. This growth has been recognised with awards, including the 2022 Business Innovation Award in the finance category and awards from World Business Outlook for Best Cross Border Payments Solution Provider Thailand and Fastest Growing Fintech Thailand. But the company’s growth does not stop here. A continued emphasis on making international money transfers frictionless has led to the company launching a new app – DeeMoney Neo.

Mr. Daud Charles. CGO (Left), Mr. Sakchai Siripanyawuth, CTO (Middle) and Mr. Eustace Lobo, COO (Right)

A New and efficient money transfer app: DeeMoney Neo

DeeMoney has recently launched its new app- DeeMoney Neo, with an aim to empower its customers. The DeeMoney Neo App is a new and improved version of its predecessor – the DeeMoney (Red) App.

Daud Charles, Chief Growth Officer, explained that the DeeMoney team had spent the last 2 years collecting customer feedback and working on adding it to their products. The result is the DeeMoney Neo App, designed to leverage the power of technology, accessibility, and transparency to ensure that financial systems empower users to experience the world, not act as a barrier to it.

Freedom of choice

The customers have various options to choose from with the Neo app, DeeMoney has added to its existing offerings. It now supports more than 40 countries, with multiple payout currency options. Additionally, different payout options, including account credit or cash pickup services, are available in some countries. Ultimately, this gives the customers the freedom of choice.


Hidden fees abound in the world of international money transfers. Often, senders or receivers end up paying for charges that were not clearly mentioned. In some cases, additional fees and taxes which are charged as a helping process can be charged to the recipient, unbeknownst to you.

“One thing that DeeMoney strives to do with our services is to be absolutely transparent. Because, with transparency, comes trust” – Mr Eustace Lobo, Chief Operating Officer said.

DeeMoney takes pride in its transparency with the customers by offering a flat fee, meaning there are no hidden charges. So, whether you’re transferring US$100 or $100,000, the FX rate is guaranteed at the time of the transfer. You will only have to pay the same flat fee of 125 baht (approximately $3.50) for most countries. If you need to transfer money to a loved one living in Singapore, you will know exactly how much they will receive and how much you have to pay in fees. There are no hidden charges or fees. Everything is transparent and easily visible to you in the DeeMoney Neo app.

High-speed transfer

Traditionally, wired transfers with traditional banking would take a few business days for someone to receive the money. But with DeeMoney, you can be confident that your money will be in the receiver’s account on the next working day, sometimes even the same day after the transaction. Mr.Lobo, gave the DeeNext service as an example; the service guarantees that the money will reach within the next working day. DeeMoney Neo’s smooth user interface also ensures you can transfer money with just a few clicks.

Top Customer Support

Mr. Lobo also added the importance of responsive and reliable customer support. He explained that if customers run into some issues, customers tend to seek immediate response and assistance, so a robust support infrastructure is essential. DeeMoney has a multilingual support team which operates 7 days a week. When there is an issue, query or concern, the team’s human operator will not only answer your question but will assist you in tackling the problem and coming up with a solution promptly. Moreover, since the team is multilingual, you will likely be paired with an operator who speaks a language you are comfortable with.

Impeccable security

Security is a paramount concern when conducting online money transfers. Sakchai Siripanyawuth, Chief Technology Officer, explains that since DeeMoney is licensed by the Bank of Thailand, DeeMoney is held to the same rigorous standards of the banking industry and banking platforms. So, security is mandated, establishing trust with the customers.

The in-house technical expertise ensures that the platform is bulletproof by performing regular in-depth security audits, e.g., ensuring that the API (Application Program Interface) is secure. Of course, standard in-app security such as OTP (one-time passwords) and two-factor authentication are implemented. As such, the system and the new Neo App are secure and trustworthy. He added that one of the key features of the Neo App is its NFC-enabled digital onboarding experience which makes for a convenient and seamless user experience while making it more secure and preventing fraud.

According to a recent survey, Thailand is among the best countries for digital nomads. The Land of Smiles has a relatively large and growing international crowd. DeeMoney provides a seamless and efficient mode for those who transfer money to wherever they wish, whether to their parents back home in Canada or their child studying in college in the United States. The benefits do not only limit to international transfer; it extends to other financial services such as making payments or issuing bills of exchange.

After tuning into the customer’s needs for the past two years, DeeMoney found that customers value cost-effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and security. DeeMoney Neo is designed to empower and deliver what the customers want with its well-improved speed, transparency, security and user interface.

Download DeeMoney Neo and register now! The application can be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

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