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Are you looking to attain a business visa in Thailand? Don’t worry as The Thaiger’s partner Tadoo is here to help. The business visa is great for those who are looking to enter Thailand for business meetings and/or conferences. Moreover, if you already have a job and are needing to relocate to Thailand with that company, then the business visa is perfect.

Having a Non Immigrant B Visas is a legal requirement if you want to conduct business in Thailand and are available as both single or multiple entries. The visa is valid to enter Thailand for 3 or 12 months respectively. Each entry permits a stay of 90 days.

Who Can Apply?

The business visa is a viable option for those who already have a job or company invitation in Thailand. Before applying, applicants must answer the question of whether they have a job or company invitation or visa already. Otherwise, the business visa will not be approved.

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Who Is Excluded From Applying?

Those who do not have a job or company invitation are not able to apply for this type of visa. This includes those who are wanting to find a job in Thailand, but do not have a job lined up yet.

The Business Visa Packages We Offer:

  • Non-Immigrant B Visa (Business Visa)
  • Non-Immigrant B Visa (Extending Existing Visa)
  • Non-Immigrant B-A Visa (Business Approved Visa)

The Non-Immigrant B Visa is for foreign nationals who want to do business in Thailand as well as apply for a work permit.

The Non-Immigrant B-A Visa is for foreign nationals who want to start a business or invest in a Thai company.

NOTE: Whether you are applying for a work permit or planning to relocate, our application’s approval will be only supported in Bangkok as this process is done in front of related authorities in Bangkok. In regards to travel for work, the application process can be done outside Thailand.

Documents Needed For Business Visa Application:

  • Employer Letter
  • Invitation Letter from company in Thailand
  • Business License of inviting company in Thailand
  • Financial evidence
  • Legal residency status in country of application

Upon receiving your application, one of Tadoo’s partners will contact you with a response within 48 hours by an expert English speaker. Tadoo’s visa partners will also provide general support to guide you from the moment you start the application process until receiving the visa. Post Consultation services will also be offered if requested.

For information about obtaining the business visa in Thailand, CLICK HERE.

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