Vietnam resumes five international flight destinations including the US

Airport in Dalat, Vietnam | Stock photo by Andrew Hoang for Unsplash

Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Administration has approved the resumption of five international flights among nine to Cambodia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and the US starting from January 1, following the agreements with authorities to implement the government’s plan earlier this month.

Vietnam Airlines, with four flights per week to Cambodia, will be the first international flight on January 5, with Vietjet Air and All Nippon Airways already having confirmed their flights on January 6.

Flights from Japan will not be able to operate as early as January 1 since Japanese agencies will be closed for the New Year’s vacation, and travellers will not be able to be tested for Covid-19 in accordance with requirements.

Taiwan, on the other hand, has agreed to the flight restoration plan but has requested that the number of flights on each route in each direction is increased to at least five per week, rather than the four that Vietnam had planned with Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Bamboo Airways.

Singapore will receive two Vietnam Airlines flights per week, whilst Vietnamjet Air will fly once a week.

For the US route, Vietnam Airlines will fly on a regular schedule as it is the only airline that has been granted a license to do so.

On the other hand, South Korea, Laos, and China, on the other hand, have yet to reveal their plans, while Thailand has proposed additional dialogues and exchanges.

There will be four flights per week on each route in each direction during the first phase after it halts international flights in March 2020, and that number will be increased to seven after two weeks.

SOURCE: Khmer Times

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