Unexplained plane mysteriously sitting in a field in Bali

In a strange story out of Bali, locals are trying to figure out the origin of a Boeing 737 plane that appeared in a field. The abandoned plane mysteriously showed up in a field in a limestone quarry by Pandawa Beach, a popular beach on the posh southern tip of the island.

So far no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the plane sitting near the Nusa Dua Selatan highway in Bali and no one seems to have answers for how it got there or what it is doing there. It’s not visible as it is fenced off so it can only be spotted from a viewpoint above.

The fence also prevents curious people from intruding and exploring the mystery aircraft, as many social media personalities and influencers have come around to try to investigate, as have YouTube vloggers hoping to rack up hits by filming the strange parked 737.

Without anyone claiming to own the plane or put it there, theories and rumours began to circulate in Bali as to its origins. The most popular explanation suggested is that a wealthy businessman bought the plane and dumped it there. People suspect that it was intended to be made into a restaurant offering an extremely unique dining experience.

They suppose whoever the owner is running out of cash to build out the construction and was forced to abandon the project – and the plane. So for now it sits, unexplained and unutilised in the lush fields of Bali.

SOURCE: Thailand News

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Neill Fronde

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