Unexpected connection: Late mother’s number replies

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A surprising incident caught the attention of the online world when Minnie, a young woman from Singapore, received an unexpected reply from the mobile number of her mother who passed away four years ago. Minnie continued to send text messages to her mother’s phone number intermittently, using this method to alleviate her sorrow and feel as though she was still communicating with her mother, showcasing an unexpected connection.

“I would often revisit old messages I had with my mum, listen to her voice recordings, and continue to text her whenever I missed her. It made me feel like I was talking to her.”

For many years, she would send similar messages to her mother’s phone number such as “Goodnight, Mum” and “I’m sorry for not appreciating the time spent with you.” However, when she sent a message saying “Happy Mother’s Day. Love and miss you always,” she was taken aback to receive a reply six hours later, stating, “My mum passed away three months ago too. It’s okay, it’s alright.”

After conversing with the other party, she discovered she was talking to another woman whose mother had passed away three months earlier. The woman revealed she had a close relationship and complete trust in her mother, and when her mother passed away suddenly, she missed her immensely.

Unexpected connection: Late mother's number replies | News by Thaiger
In a unique turn of events, the Singaporean woman receives a text from her late mother’s number, showcasing an unexpected connection. Photo by Sanook.

In an unexpected connection, the two daughters, with strikingly similar backgrounds, connected and decided to share and disclose everything about their deceased mothers. Whenever either of them missed their mother or was distressed, they could text each other.

“Whenever you feel sad, please text me. I will listen to you,” Minnie texted back.

Minnie described her mother as a strong, kind, and always cheerful woman. Despite battling cancer and undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy for three years, she maintained a positive spirit and never gave in. Unfortunately, the deadly disease claimed her life when she was just 49 years old.

Minnie confessed that losing her mother was truly a challenging time for her, but the fighting spirit of her mother continues to inspire her to overcome her hardships, reported Sanook.

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