Twitter 2.0: CEO Yaccarino unveils plan to revive platform

Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of Twitter, has unveiled her ambitious plan for “Twitter 2.0,” aiming to transform the platform into a global town square and a reliable source of real-time information. Yaccarino took over the role from Elon Musk, who had implemented several controversial changes since acquiring the company in October 2022.

The former NBC Universal marketing executive acknowledged the need for a “transformation” to help society progress through open dialogue and the unfiltered exchange of information. Since Musk’s takeover, Twitter has faced numerous challenges, including a sharp increase in bots, impersonation accounts, propaganda, disinformation, and hate speech. Additionally, the platform reportedly lost 50% of its advertisers, raising concerns about its profitability.

During Musk’s tenure, he fired 80% of Twitter’s staff, reduced content moderation, and altered the “verified status” feature, allowing users to pay US$8 per month for the coveted blue tick. These decisions have led to increased chaos on the platform, with brands distancing themselves from the social media giant.

As Yaccarino takes the reins, she will be tasked with addressing these pressing issues while also potentially facing regulatory scrutiny from the European Union, known for its stringent data privacy and content moderation laws. Last month, Twitter withdrew from the EU’s voluntary code of practice against disinformation, prompting Thierry Breton, Commissioner for Internal Market of the European Union, to warn that the platform could still be subject to EU regulations.

Despite the challenges ahead, Yaccarino remains optimistic about Twitter’s future, encouraging users to “build something together that can change the world.” She emphasised the importance of embracing the platform’s powerful vision, believing that “literally everything is possible” with hard work and dedication.

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