Twitch streamer Puppers dies at 32, gaming community mourns loss

Renowned Twitch streamer Puppers, aged 32, has passed away after a three-year battle with motor neurone disease (MND). The American streamer gained fame through his gameplay of Dead by Daylight, where he was celebrated for his positive attitude. Following his diagnosis, the gaming community came together to establish the Light in the Fog Foundation, raising US$270,000 (£216,000) to support his care. The foundation paid tribute to Puppers, stating he would be “forever in our hearts, eternally comfy.”

Puppers, whose real name was Max, often concluded his streams by encouraging his fans to “stay comfy, because if you’re comfy, you’re winning.” He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the most common form of MND, in 2020. The disease affects the brain and nerves, leading to progressive weakness, and currently has no cure. Treatments are available to help manage its impact on daily life.

A post on Puppers’ Twitter page confirmed his passing, expressing his love for his fans and thanking them for their support throughout his career. Upon Max’s diagnosis, his friends, known online as Eshleee, Sunshine, and Silver, moved across the country to provide care and support. Sunshine described being his caregiver as “the biggest test and the biggest joy” of their life, while Silver and Eshleee fondly remembered Max’s laughter and his role as “a beacon of positivity.”

Following Max’s diagnosis, the trio established the Light in the Fog Foundation. Over 150 Dead by Daylight streamers participated in a multi-day event to raise funds for his treatment and care, with support from popular online personalities such as MrBeast. The group is now seeking additional funds to cover Max’s funeral and outstanding medical costs.

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The gaming community has shown an outpouring of support for Puppers, with many calling him a “true gaming champion” and “a kind soul we didn’t deserve.” The developers of Dead by Daylight, who previously added an in-game item in his honour, referred to him as “one of the brightest lights in The Fog.” Many fans have responded to the news with heartfelt messages echoing Puppers’ signature sign-off, saying, “Rest easy, stay comfy.”

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