Thrill-seekers left hanging: Canandian Wonderland ride mishap chills visitors (video)

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A chilling incident unfolded at Wonderland amusement park in Ontario, Canada, when a thrill ride malfunctioned, leaving numerous riders suspended in the air, upside down for nearly 30 minutes. While all riders were safely returned to the ground by park staff, two complained of chest pains, prompting an immediate medical examination.

Fortunately, their conditions were minor and hospitalisation was not required.

The incident occurred on September 23, involving the Lumberjack ride. This axe-shaped ride is designed with seats at the sharp end and rotates in a 360-degree motion.

Suddenly, a malfunction occurred, leaving many riders hanging head-down from a height of over 22 metres for nearly half an hour. Park officials were eventually able to restore the ride’s function and rescue the riders, reported BBC and Yahoo News.

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The Lumberjack at Wonderland Amusement Park suspends riders in the air, providing a thrilling experience. The medical team at the park attended to everyone involved in the incident. Most were checked and allowed back into the park. However, a few reported chest pains, but they were discharged without further medical intervention being necessary.

Currently, the Lumberjack ride is closed as an investigation is conducted into the exact cause of the malfunction.

@jiashira_ After about 45 mins they were able to get everyone down safety 🫠😮‍💨 I’m definitely not getting on this ride any time soon! #canadaswonderland #canada #toronto #amusementpark #ridegetsstuck #scary #wtf #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Shira 🦂

In 2020, three children were injured when a carnival ride malfunctioned at the Hua Hin Red Cross Festival in Prachuap Khiri Khan. The required safety certification was not submitted and local officials launched an investigation.

Mayor Nopphon Wutthikul closed the carnival rides for the duration of the festival. To read more about the story click HERE.

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