‘Thai Hot Guys’ Malaysian nightclub event during Ramadan cancelled after intense backlash

A Malaysian nightclub has cancelled a ‘Thai Hot Guys’ event after receiving massive backlash from the public as the event was scheduled to occur during the Islamic holiday of Ramadan.

Apparently, juicy Thai men parading around half-naked in lingerie wasn’t what those celebrating Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, had in mind. As Ramadan is a holy celebration which includes fasting, prayer, reflection, and community, Malaysian authorities issued a stern warning to the nightclub.

Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail called on the event organisers to refrain from offending the religious sentiments of the country’s Muslim community.

The nightclub, Privacy Tun Razak, was planning to feature cross-dressing Thai men to celebrate its opening. But, as the news went viral on social media, police say they received at least 60 reports of the event as of yesterday.

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“There must be mutual respect from those living in a multicultural society. They need to be aware of certain sensitivities of respective communities.”

According to the South China Morning Post, Saifuddin said he would contact the city council to understand how the nightclub got permission to host the event.

The Malaysian Prime Minister’s secretary, Azman Abidin, says the bar does not have a licence to conduct such entertainment activities and furthered that the pub’s restaurant permit expired in 2021.

The Islamist party PAS and Umno, a partner in the government’s ruling coalition slammed the event with PAS secretary general, Takiyuddin Hassan, saying it promoted hedonism and promiscuity.

He also criticised the nightclub for using the name of Abdul Razak Hussein, who was the country’s second prime minister.

Muhammad Akmal Saleh, the chief of Umno’s youth wing, agreed that the event mustn’t go on.

“We don’t need people who don’t know how to respect each other’s sensitivities.”

His supporters rallied behind him, urging him to stamp out “immoral activity,” while others made homophobic comments toward the nightclub for bringing “weird things to Malaysia.”

The latest incident has only highlighted the rise of ultra-conservatives in Malaysia. Just last month, the government banned three LGBTQ-themed books, calling them a potential “threat to the moral values that are taught by religion and prevailing Eastern values.”

Furthermore, director Khairi Anwar’s car was defaced and he received death threats after his film, Mentega Terbang, was accused of promoting apostasy.

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