Sri Lanka suspends sale of petrol to public for next 2 weeks

The supply of petrol for cars in Sri Lanka has been suspended due to the country’s greatest economic crisis in decades. Only buses, trains, ambulances, and transport needed to deliver food will be permitted to refuel over the next 2 weeks.

Authorities revealed that only 9,000 tonnes of diesel and 6,000 tonnes of gasoline are available to support the nation’s critical services, and buying petrol and diesel for private cars is prohibited until July 10.

Sri Lanka suspends sale of petrol to public for next 2 weeks | News by Thaiger

Authorities have ordered 22 million people to work from home, and schools in urban areas have closed for the time being.

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Nathan Piper, head of oil and gas research at Investec, says Sri Lanka is the first country to take such extreme measures of suspending sales of petrol to the community, “Since the 1970’s oil crisis when fuel was rationed in the US and Europe and speed limits introduced to reduce demand.”

Sri Lanka is negotiating a bailout plan since it is struggling to pay for imports like petrol and food. Furthermore, the government is requesting essential aid from China, and India.

The International Monetary Fund visited Sri Lanka last week to hold discussions about a US$3 billion bailout package.


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