Singapore 2 year old girl run over, possibly by her father

PHOTO: A two year old baby was run over by a van, possibly driven by her father. (via SG Road Vigilante)

Tragedy struck a family in Singapore on Monday when a two year old girl died in a freak accident. The young girl was run over by a van in a car park in the Woodlands area of the city-state, possibly by her father. Emergency services raced to the scene after the incident was reported on Woodlands Street at 2.40pm.

The police arrested a 33 year old man, believed to be the father. They are charging him with careless driving causing death. Investigations into the exact chains of events that led to the death are still ongoing.

Reports suggest that a family had just finished eating a meal at a nearby coffee shop. The two year old baby had been placed in a stroller.

What happened next is unclear, but it appeared that the stroller rolled away and the baby fell out onto the ground. The man was just backing up his van at the time and the unfortunate toddler fell under his tire and was run over.

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The driver did not see the child, and running over her was considered an accident, but police have yet to determine if it was at all caused by the driver’s recklessness or distraction.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force verified that the toddler was unresponsive while being transported to the hospital where she was later officially declared dead. In addition, a 34 year old woman and a four year old boy believed to be pedestrians at the time of the baby being run over were taken to the hospital.

The driver of the van was climbing into an ambulance as well when he was arrested.

Emergency vehicles surrounded the scene with umbrellas shielding the view from the victims who were being wheeled into the ambulance. witnesses reported the despair of the family in the aftermath of the girl being run over.

“I heard the driver saying in Malay, ‘The baby fell from the stroller.’”

A man in his 30s was seen crying while sitting on the road, likely the father who was also witnessed carrying the injured toddler while the baby’s mother moaned in emotional agony.

The incident is similar to another in Thailand yesterday where an eight year old girl was killed when a female teacher reversed over her head in her pickup truck at a school in Phetchabun province in lower northern Thailand yesterday.


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