Teacher reverses over and kills 8 year old girl with pickup truck at school in northern Thailand

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An eight year old girl was killed when a female teacher reversed over her head in her pickup truck at a school in Phetchabun province in lower northern Thailand yesterday.

At 7am, eight year old “Nong Fangkhao” was on her way to school with her grandmother in Ban Wai subdistrict, Lom Sak district, when she was struck by a female teacher’s car on the school road.

The teacher, 44 year old Ratchathaya, told police that she heard someone knocking on her window, so she reversed the car and heard that she drove over something.

However, a 66 year old witness, “Son,” said that he was taking his grandchildren to school when Teacher Ratchathaya drove past him in her Ford pickup truck. He said the teacher struck Fangkhao and knocked her down and then reversed over her head.

Son said he knocked on the teacher’s window to ask why she reversed but before he had a chance to speak, Ratchathaya reversed over the child for a second time, said Son.

Son believes that the child may have survived if the teacher hadn’t repeatedly reversed, crushing Nong Fangkhao’s head and neck.

The witness said he picked up a stone ready to throw at Ratchathaya’s window to try and stop her from striking Nong Fangkhao again. At that moment, the teacher opened the car door and slumped to the ground.

The little girl was rushed to Lom Sak Hospital but tragically passed away.

Son said he doesn’t know the reason why Ratchathaya did not see Nong Fangkhao on the street. He said Nong Fangkhao was good friends with his grandchildren and he loved her like his own family.

He said that school should be the safest place for a child, not somewhere a teacher drives so carelessly that they crush a child.

Nong Fangkhao’s 71 year old grandmother Noopee-um said that she was walking her granddaughter to school at 7am when Nong Fangkhao was knocked down by teacher Ratchathaya’s car.

Noopee-um said that when she saw the teacher reverse over Nong Fangkhao’s head, she fainted and doesn’t know what happened after that.

Pol. Lt. Col. Ratsanti Petchmoo from Lom Sak Police Station said that no charges have been filed against the teacher yet who is in a state of shock.

The officer said that once Nong Fangkhao’s funeral is complete then negotiations will begin between Ratchathaya and the victim’s family.

Teacher Ratchathaya’s vehicle will be inspected to assist in the police’s investigation.

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