Rumours of meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi as Burmese military accept ASEAN envoy

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The ruling military junta in Myanmar has issued a statement accepting the appointment of Erywan Yusof as ASEAN Special Envoy. Yusof will also oversee the association’s humanitarian programmes in the country, although it’s understood the military regime has refused to allow aid workers to deliver assistance to the worst-affected areas. Thai PBS World reports that Singapore has confirmed a contribution of US$100,000 to help the country, which has been devastated by the fallout of the military coup on February 1.

On August 1, Myanmar’s self-appointed leader, Min Aung Hlaing, who led the military coup that toppled the democratically elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi, gave a televised address. In it, he indicated that the junta was prepared to accept Thailand’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Virasakdi Futrakul, as the ASEAN envoy. However, the role has since been given to Yusof, Brunei’s Second Minister for Foreign Affairs.

According to Thai PBS World, there are rumours that Yusof may be allowed a meeting with Suu Kyi, who remains under house arrest. Her removal from power in the February 1 coup sparked widespread protests and fierce resistance across the country, with the military still struggling to restore order. State-owned media in the country reports that charges will be dropped against people who are in hiding after taking part in anti-coup protests. However, the statement made clear that those who financed them, as well as those who attacked security forces, will still be charged.

According to the statement, charges are being dropped against those it claims were manipulated by people who want to threaten the country’s peace and stability. It went on to urge those in hiding to turn themselves in so that charges against them can be dropped.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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