Reckless family camping on dangerous roads sparks online outcry from Vietnamese

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

Family camping has become a popular activity due to its potential for bonding, conversation, dining, and immersion in nature. However, certain behaviours have sparked criticism, such as unsafe parking on highways or steep mountain roads to set up camp, disregarding the risk of passing vehicles.

A recent incident shared on Vietnamese social media showcased a carefree family parking their car and setting up camp on a steep, dangerous mountain road. They spread out a table and ate a meal on the hazardous bend. A middle-aged woman was seen preparing food on the table, while around four children waited for their meals and drinks. The family’s car was also parked nearby.

As soon as the video was shared on social media, it incited heavy criticism, causing a significant uproar. Commenters online were not only incensed that the camping picnic obstructed traffic but railed against the family for the significant danger they had placed themselves in.

People commenting on the video hoped that their condemnation would push the camping family to be more sensible in the future, protecting not only themselves but also taking responsibility for society, reported Sanook.

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“If you encounter a bend like this, cars won’t be able to brake in time, and you won’t be able to run away either. Don’t play with death.”

“It’s brave to put a chair halfway across the road lane and even let children sit outside. It’s a real disregard for life.”

“The kids might not worry, but the parents who are not aware of this, I don’t understand if they have overdosed on medication or what?”

“Families travelling by car should know these prohibitions. I don’t understand why they still do it?”

Despite the popularity of family camping, more education on safety precautions may be necessary to avoid such dangerous situations and public outcry.

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