Indian baby with rare case of third arm growing from her back cries when touched

Photo via Sanook

A newly born baby girl at a local hospital in the northern Indian state has caused astonishment among the public as she has been born with a rare condition of a third arm protruding from the middle of her back. The phenomenon is extremely uncommon and has captured the attention of many.

A video that was posted online soon after the baby’s birth shows the arm clearly visible on her back. However, upon closer observation, it is noted that the limb has only three fingers and is significantly shorter than her other two arms. It has also been observed that the baby cries out whenever someone touches this additional arm.

Doctors at the hospital diagnosed the child with Polymelia syndrome, a condition where a child is born with extra limbs or, as commonly known, the presence of multiple arms. This is a very rare case, with only a few reported instances ever; its prevalence is approximately one in a million births.

Although the condition is exceptionally rare and the doctors did not reveal specific treatment plans for this baby, in some similar cases in the past, surgical removal of the extra limb has been carried out to ensure it does not hinder the child’s growth and development. reports Sanook.

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For instance, back in 2016, a baby girl from Delhi in northern India was born with an extra leg growing out of her back. The doctors were able to perform a successful surgery to remove her third leg, enabling her to lead a normal life just like any other child.

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