NASA images inspire cosmic symphony for immersive space experience

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A new seven-suite “space symphony” titled “Cosmic Cycles” has recently premiered outside Washington, showcasing stunning imagery from NASA alongside its first-ever public performance. American composer Henry Dehlinger, 56 years old, described the symphony as an immersive experience that encapsulates both visuals and sound.

The inspiration for Dehlinger’s composition came from the images compiled by NASA producers into seven short films.

He said…

“I had to almost pinch myself and remind myself that this isn’t to pretend — this is the real deal. Not science fiction, it’s the actual science.”

The idea for the project emerged after Piotr Gajewski, music director and conductor of the National Philharmonic, worked with NASA on visuals for a double-billing of Claude Debussy’s “La Mer” (“The Sea”) and Holst’s “The Planets.” Gajewski, 64 years old, suggested to NASA that they create short videos of their very best work, which would then be accompanied by music.

Wade Sisler, executive producer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, said the challenge was worth the effort. “It’s a journey unlike one that I have ever helped anyone take,” Sisler, 64, told AFP.

The seven-part piece begins with the Sun, followed by two movements focusing on NASA studies of Earth from a global perspective and through photographs taken by astronauts in orbit. A segment on the Moon is followed by profiles of each planet, with a detailed look at recent experiments on asteroids and a finale of nebulae, black holes, and other galactic phenomena, reported Bangkok Post.

In addition to the performances, NASA has released the videos on its YouTube page with a synthesized version of Dehlinger’s soundtrack.

Conductor Gajewski explained that the music and video were not exactly synchronized to maintain a fluid and balanced experience for the audience. He believes that the awe-inspiring images and orchestral pieces complement each other well, as both music and space are great mysteries.

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