Mysterious dragon artefact spooks Heilongjiang farmers with nocturnal noises

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In the autumn of 1965, farmers in Heilongjiang Province, China, stumbled upon a peculiar metal object while constructing a pigsty near their home. The artefact, resembling a dragon, became an enigma when it started emitting strange noises at night, leaving the residents in a state of confusion and fear. The mystery was later unravelled by experts from the Harbin Cultural Relics Bureau, who identified the object as a cultural dragon artefact and attributed the nightly noises to the small holes on its body that allowed the wind to pass through. Today, the artefact is preserved in the Heilongjiang Cultural Heritage Museum.

During the construction of the pigsty, the farmers discovered the metal artefact, which they initially thought was a piece of junk. Intrigued by its dragon-like appearance, they decided to take it home and hang it by their window. However, their peaceful night was disrupted by strange sounds coming from the artefact, that seemed to resemble animal cries from the forest. Despite being known as a brave man in the village, the head of the family was chilled to the bone and began to worry if he had offended a dragon deity by bringing the artefact home.

Interestingly, the mysterious sounds disappeared at dawn and the dragon artefact returned to its silent state. Yet, the uncanny phenomenon repeated itself over the next few nights, leaving the family in a state of constant fear and confusion. Finally, they decided to hand over the artefact to experts from the Harbin Cultural Relics Bureau for further examination reported Sanook.

Upon investigation, the experts revealed that the dragon artefact had features akin to a small lion and an eagle’s beak. The object also had a series of neatly arranged, minute holes on its body. These holes, when exposed to the wind, produced the mysterious sounds that frightened the family during the night. The silence during the day was explained by the ambient noises that masked the artefact’s sound.

Today, the dragon artefact has become a cultural relic of China and is housed in the Heilongjiang Cultural Heritage Museum. The relic remains a testament to the fascinating mysteries and rich heritage of Chinese culture.

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