Model Khoury’s brave journey after pit bull attack costing 14 million baht

Photo courtesy of Brooklinn Khoury (Instagram)

Influencer Brooklinn Khoury successfully overcame her fear to share her traumatic experience following a pit bull attack that disfigured her face three years ago. This life-changing event happened when she visited her relatives in Arizona on November 3, 2020.

The attack required numerous surgeries costing over 14 million baht (US$400,000) and significantly changed the 22 year old’s perception of physical beauty. Medical professionals invested significant efforts to restore the model’s features as close to normal as possible for her future professional and personal life.

In an interview with Good Morning America on ABC, Khoury confessed that she realised her family and friends were in her life for a reason.

“They helped me understand that there are many things in life more important than having a perfect body.”

Three years after the pit bull incident, Khoury has learned to love and accept her imperfections. Few cosmetic surgeons were confident in her treatment, with the one who has treated her for three years always being honest about the challenges.

Both had to accept risks and unpredictability as what they were doing had never been done before. The surgeon used skin from Khoury’s wrist to create an artificial lip for her. Despite painful surgeries, her current appearance has significantly improved from the time of the attack. However, she still requires more surgeries to enhance the transplanted skin’s aesthetics.

Positive messages

Now, Khoury is content with herself. She confidently shares her current look on social media, sharing her journey and treatment steps with her followers and sending positive messages.

“Life is beautiful after what I’ve been through. Don’t forget to enjoy every day’s experiences. Each day of our life is valuable. Try to live with faith and hope, even when it’s hard.”

Khoury also mentioned that she was advised not to post photos and clips showing her disfigured face, but she continued to share her recovery process authentically. She believes her story will resonate with others facing unexpected situations.

“I know my face has changed since the incident. I know sometimes I look very scary. But hiding is not enough. How can you help me at this time? At the same time, sharing my story makes me happier because I know it can help others in similar situations.”

Throughout her treatment, Khoury’s family and friends have been by her side. They helped her overcome mental crises after the incident. The long and painful treatment process, coupled with her paused career and life, presented a massive challenge. Khoury strives to maintain her mental health’s balance and stability. She often felt scared thinking about the future, uncertain if she could ever smile again, reported Sanook.

“My life changed dramatically in an instant. Eventually, I realised that our lives can change in a flash. So let’s cherish it. Appreciate every happy moment in life. I’ve learned to love myself, love everything around me, and not cling to what I have anymore. I’ve become a happier person. I know I have many things in life.”

Model Khoury's brave journey after pit bull attack costing 14 million baht | News by Thaiger
Photo courtesy of Brooklinn Khoury (Instagram)

In similar news, not everyone is fortunate to regain self-love after a tragic pit bull attack. A tragic incident unfolded as a former jockey lost his life while saving his mother from a violent pit bull attack.

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