Middle-aged man tricks viewers using AI face-swapping technology on TikTok

Photo courtesy of @aifaceai (TikTok)

A TikTok user, @aifaceai, caused a stir on social media after revealing the true identity of a seemingly attractive female streamer. The streamer was initially believed to be a beautiful woman, given her natural demeanour, and seemingly no use of beauty filters. However, when the artificial intelligence (AI) software was suddenly switched off, the viewers were left in shock as the streamer was revealed to be a middle-aged man with a square face and long hair.

“I bet you thought you were watching another live broadcast of a beautiful woman, didn’t you? No, this is just a chubby middle-aged man,” the man stated. Post the revelation of his real appearance, the man disclosed the immense advancements in AI face-swapping technology, which could even be used during video calls. At the same time, he issued a warning to viewers to be cautious of scams on the internet if they receive suspicious calls or video clips, reported Sanook.

AI face-swapping
Photo courtesy of @aifaceai (TikTok)

Stay vigilant against the rising threat of deepfake AI scams! The Royal Thai Police issues a public warning about criminals exploiting advanced technology to create convincing fake videos and voices, in other words, AI face-swapping. With the potential for deceiving victims on the rise, concerns include fabricated content featuring public figures and even fake pornographic material for extortion. The public is urged to exercise caution online, verify information authenticity, and refrain from hasty financial transactions. In 2023, over 150,000 police complaints were filed for online crimes, causing substantial financial losses. The RTP collaborates with public health agencies, signing a groundbreaking MoU to address psychological disorders’ role in escalating attacks and ensure affected individuals receive crucial medical treatment. Protect yourself online and stay informed in the face of evolving high-tech scams in 2024.

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