Malaysia’s ambassador proposes fixed 5-year parliamentary term for stability

Malaysia’s ambassador to the United States, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, has proposed amending the Federal Constitution to establish a fixed five-year term for Parliament. In an interview with Astro Awani, he stated that this change would prevent attempts to overthrow the government, as has occurred in the past.

Nazri mentioned that he had discussed the issue with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim during a meeting. He explained that his proposal would ensure that a government formed after a general election would last for the full five-year term, rather than being potentially toppled before completing its term.

“To guarantee a five-year term for any administration, I suggest that the Federal Constitution should be amended to state that once a general election is over, Parliament sits for five years, whereby five years means five years. It can’t be that before the five years are up, in the third year, it falls. If this is allowed, it means that in the public’s perception, a government can be brought down in less than five years,” he was quoted as saying to Astro Awani.

The former law minister believes that implementing this amendment would create a sense of stability in the public’s perception of the government. He said, “I figure that if we manage to amend the Federal Constitution, it will give the perception and optics to the people that when a government is formed it really is for five years.”

Nazri also highlighted that the issue of government stability is frequently raised by US investors and politicians he encounters. He reiterated the importance of stability for attracting foreign investment, as it is a key concern for investors. Ambassadors play a crucial role in convincing investors and bringing more investment to Malaysia, and any attempt to overthrow the government could hinder their efforts.

His comments echo a previous interview with Astro Awani published on May 4, in which he emphasised the challenges faced by ambassadors in courting foreign investors when there is a perception of instability in the country.

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